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Weird-Awkward day

Hey people. This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, but sucky internet connection causes technical error and lots of curse words being uttered. That aside, let's begin my story on how my day went from great to bad. It began well enough. For the first time in, like, 5 classes, I didn't feel drowsy during my Math tutorial class, and I managed to copy all the solutions AND actually understand them. All this time, I've just copied and didn't even know what the heck I was copying... Then, we got our Total Station test. This is when the biggest twist of the day happened (gasp!!). Anyway, in this test, we are supposed to set up a Total Station in 5 minutes. If everything is perfectly done, you get 20 marks. I got... 20 marks. I though my lecturer was kidding, so I asked again, 'Seriously 20?' and he said, 'Yes. 20'. The twist was, on the way to the point (my fault cos I was dashing to my coveted point), my freaking SHOE came off, and everyone LOLed!! Real…

A night full of lurve

Hey guys... How's your V-day coming along?.. Mine is simply great...yup...great.. So nothing fun happened (or even remotely close to that...) , but still, it's a fun night to be at home. Got the news that my sister's wedding is officialy ON!! Yay for them!! So what did I do tonight?... Well, I watched one of the movies that I really wanna watch, like , ever... 'Becoming Jane', the biography of Jane Austen's romance with Tom Lefroy. Such a sweet romantic film, though it's too bad she didn't marry him. Then again, if she did, then there might not be 'Pride & Prejudice', eh... Also, I got WAAAY excited cos I received something in my mailbox a few days ago. I only got back home this evening, and when I opened the envelope, I saw this. It's from Hot Topic,  and (I can say that) it can't be found in Malaysia!! Envy me? Haha ;P Oh well...I just got a text from my friends.. they're heading out to the clubs tonight.. sigh... Have a greatValenti…

Barely breathing

OMG! Could this week get any stressier? (is that even a word?... LOL!!) So anyway, this week is really stressful, and everyone is feeling it. There's lots of assignments, tutorial, quizzes, etc... Next week will be even stressing! There's Mid-Term exam, Total Station exam, assignments, and tutorials, AND quizzes... Help!!!


Hey people!! It's almost V-Day! Get ready for Cupid's most busiest day of the year ^.^ So, for those who has no idea what to give your heart's desire because you have given many things for the past few years and he/she has everything, I have a suggestion: a mixed CD! It's creative, heartfelt,  and handmade...sorta.. though it's not quite original, but it cost less... OK, to help you out (even if you didn't ask for my help..haha!), here are some songs which suits your partner's taste in music... only some genre, though... Alternative The Academy Is - About a Girl All American Rejects - I Wanna Edgewater - One Perfect Something Hinder - Without You James Blunt - Carry You Home Lifehouse - You and Me Linkin Park  - Leave Out All the Rest The Fray - You Found Me The Fray - Look After You Mae - The Everglow Plain White T's - Let Me Take You There Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel Secondhand Serenade - Awake Simple Plan - Save You Vertical Horizon  Best I Ever Had Y…