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I'm at it again...

How I de-stressed during my exam week.. doin' this!


OMG it's finally over!! My exams!!.. not really. Still have one paper, but I don't really feel much stress on that one... But at least the difficulty difficult, wanna-jump-off-a-building difficult, exam papers are done with. So, here is how it went down. For future civil engineering wannabes, you have been warned! TMX a.k.a. IT: Objective MCQs... 's ok.. BM: It was OK (so thankful that subject is over...  the class is damn boring...) Math 2: Waaaahhh!!! Like $h*t la... Strength of Materials: Even worse than Math (double dose of $h*t)!! (Got news from our lecturer.. about 60% not doing very good.. x_x) Survey: Thought it was killer, but easier than expected... but I skipped one question, losing about 20 marks! Programming: It was OK.. but I kinda did bad on this one... Geology: The only one I'm positive can score a B... officially my fav subject (besides English ;)) This semester, it seems that the exams are much more stressful... that's why for the past week, my brain has…

Adding on to my Twilight addiction

I present to you, 2 New Moon posters of which I made myself... New Moon premieres in Malaysia 27th November 2009.

Finally, study week is over... good thing, or bad?

Now, one would expect that the studying part is over, and now ready to face exams.  Well... not so much for me.  So far, for the last week, I have been concentrating on assignments. Trust me, it ain't as easy at it looks. At least I can do Math, don't know if I get them right or wrong. Programming is a whole new story. That one, if you get one code wrong, the whole thing is wrong... I always get "build failed"... haiz... So, I tried and tried (also got a senior cpoy and some of my friends), and still, "build failed".. it's so effin' annoying!!! In the end, I managed to make the program run. But, the end result is wrong. The inverse matrix result, after calculation, is zero!! That is SO not possible, cos the input file has numbers. REAL numbers. So, I was like "Aw, eff it. Just save, test, and print." That was already about 2.00 am, and my mind looks sorta like this: Yep... So, I turn to Facebook... cos I'm soo bored. Turns out V was online,…

snappin' back to reality...

Urgh... I'm going back to my dorm... This means study week has officially begun. I am SO not ready to go back to studying. I wanna stay at home and do nothing till the cows come home... perhaps the cows are home... Hopefully I can get started on my assignments ASAP...

The moon has angels!

Here's proof that I lurve this song so much! Do you dream, that the world will know your name  So tell me your name  Do you care, about all the little things or anything at all?  I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside I wanna feel  I wanna sunburn, just to know that I'm alive  To know I'm alive  Don't tell me if I'm dying, cause I don't wanna know  If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go  Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon  Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon  Do you believe, in the day that you were born  Tell me do you believe?  Do you know, that everyday's the first of the rest of your life  Don't tell me if I'm dying, cause I don't wanna know  If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go  Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon  Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon  This is to one last day in the shadows  And to know a brother's love  This is to New York City angels  And the riv…

What's in a name? Well... a lot, actually...

Does my name fit me?? A : has a smile to die for :] B : is a nerd at times C : can kick ur butt D : great friend E : has beautiful eyes F : wild and crazy G : HOT H :makes people laugh I : best boyfriend or girlfriend J : is really sweet K : gorgeous L : very good kisser M : is loved by everyone N : easy to fall in love with O : gives good hugsS P : popular with all types of people Q : like someone R :has one of the best personalities ever S : makes dating fun T : very open - minded U : can be funny and dumb at times V : very romantic and not judgmental W : not bad X : never let people tell you what to do Y : very hot Z : nice butt so, mine is... M : is loved by everyone E : has beautiful eyes L : very good kisser L : very good kisser V : very romantic and not judgmental Y : very hot N : easy to fall in love with Hah! Really now?

Scribbling senseless shizz, Gossip Girl, and music

Could my life get any boring-er? I read blogs by my other friends, and I realise that my life could possibly the most boring-est life ever. It's like a movie where the plotline stays the same for the entire 1 hour 30 minutes. No loud explosions, no romance, no villains, no squabbles, no action, no stuff gets thrown out the window, no nothing.. not that I wish any of the above to happen in real life... Oh well, since I'm on the topic of movies, might as well write what I watched for the past week. I finally caught up with Gossip Girl season 2. The plot really does thicken this time. Really! It's like, at the end of every episode, you (I did...) go, "OMG! Next! Next!" (in an excited tone, of course...). Yea, so, throughout this 6 months, I have three friends who have been infected by 'The GG Addiction', as I call it. It's when a person starts to get addicted to Gossip Girl. Finally, I caught True Blood. It's a new vampire-themed TV show which everyone i…

Should study week even be called that anymore

I mean, really. We have, like, 2 assignments that we have to do and submit on 17th April, which is the END of our study week. So, where is that time to study? Perhaps it's ture: Instead of blogging, why don't I do my assignments instead? Well, that question is scuh a rhetorical question, no? Since we'll be so caught up with assignments during study week, safe to say, we have very little days left to study.. haiz... Hopefully, everything would be done before exam week. Good luck guys!

Half of my brain is, like, in sleep mode or something

Hey guys. Wow. Felt like I totally abandoned this blog for a few weeks now, eh? Well, most of my friends, too. We are kinda busy this semester, what with assignments, faculty events, college events, other events... well, you get the drift. Point is, we're busy. So, now that the second semester is FINALLY over, we can get back o what is right for us to do to make ourselves feel better: blogging. Ha! (You though I was gonna say clubbing, right?...) So, here I am, posting something...something... nothing... Oh well, I'll post something soon enough... See ya!