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Not another movie review...

Hey ya'll. I'm surprised at myself for posting 2 posts up in a week, cos this week's kinda busy. Yay!! So anyway, it's been quite a week. Assignments, quizzes, tutorials... amazing that I (almost) completed them all... In the midst of it all, I managed to make some time for myself and finally watch Sex and The City: The Movie. I wans't expecting much, really. It's a chick flick, with love, fashion and stuff. Was I surprised of what I found in this movie. I really love it! It's like an extension of the TV show, in a way.. there's also nude scenes and sex scenes , which are sorta freaky, and zexy... :P Did this movie even pass Malaysian censors without any cuts?? ... Well, that's all I guess... Till next time (hopefully I have something far more interesting to tell...),

It's like ra-yee-yain on your wedding dayh!

Alanis Morisette's "Ironic" is so stuck in my head... Anyway, back to the post. It's been an eventful week in my college (university, if you will). It's also an eventful week in the Twilight universe. On Monday, the Tengku Mahkota Johor (The Crown Prince of Johor, i think...) stopped over our campus to meet the Johor students, so all classes are off for the evening!! (yay!!). His Majesty really do sound like a cool guy... heard that he brought along some big rides as well... In the Twilight universe, one single event of the summer is always looked forward to. Thta's bad news for those superhero fans and geeks. I'm talking about the International San Diego Comic-Con 2009!!! Yup. Two new scenes fron New Moon was premiered at the event, and there was also a panel for the press to ask questions and for fans to ogle at their fav stars (Rob, Kristen, and Taylor was there!! *faints*) Anyway, it was spotted that some sci-fi/superhero/comic book geeks fans go …

OH.MY.GAWD. *speechless*

Can't November come tomorrow?

But I guess it's worth the wait. So, I woke up early this morning (for reasons beyond my own understanding...), and decided to do some notes, and then go down to the computer lab (where I am right now... for the second time today...) to go online. Then, I found this: Completely made this the best day of the week. Then, I went off to class, only to find that the class clashed with some FSTS class... hence, ours was cancelled (hurrah??). So here I am, back to the computer lab for more of this: Now, my day is so screwed up, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel right now. Oh well. I guess I should be doing something with my freakin' time here... besides looking for more of this: (don't I get so excited about this...) I think I'm becoming a Twicrack addict (see blog, and also this blog owned by Jen, THE Twicrack Addict) Till next time,

A perfect Cure

One of my fav songs from, The Cure. Not much of a fan of them to begin with, really, but that's cos I didn't know their songs are truly awesome! This song is called 'Pictures of You'.

The Fray - Never Say Never

I really love this song. It's a great track.

A post from the bored side of life

Hey ya'll... I know, I haven't been posting anything for a week now... I'm just too bored with life that it's not even interesting enough to post here. Really. It's as dull as the clouds covering the ground I'm standing on from the sun. So far, in this semester, I discovered that: 1. One Tree Hill could beat Charmed as my fav TV show ever 2. Life has many surprises, including romance and crushes... 3. This sem's subjects just seem... uninteresting to me. 4. I'm getting sleepier day by day. 5. I can still wake up at 6:30 every morning 6. I have many free periods in my schedule that I sometimes have nothing to do. 7. Some friends only find you when they need your help. 8. I'm getting more inspired to write short stories and poems... gotta learn about haiku... 9. Don't say 'yea, sure' if you don't mean it. 10. It's healthy to skip class once in a while (Twilight reference... heee..) 11. Don't print notes. Instead, c…

First week!

Alright, so, technically, this isn't the first week. It's the second week of the third semester (trimester?? LOLs). So far, things are quite packed (already?..) . There are already lots of things to do, from our course registration, to classes, to our clubs. Oh yea, and assignments, too. I didn't have much time to blog lately, no thanks to the weak (really weak!) connection in my room (can't even get any line for DiGi!). Hence, this post is exclusively written from the Civil Computer Lab. Yay... ... 'kay. That's it I guess. Nothing much to say, really. Just waana keep this blog somewhat alive (Strange. My Twilight blog seems more alive than this one.. tee hee...) Have fun in school/college/uni! :D Till next time,

The madness has begun!

Today is the first day of my third semester of university. Excited? Sorta. Well, naturally, it's the first day. Hence, there's only one or two classes which are on. It's interesting to begin another year again.. cos now we're all seniors! It's a heavy burden, truly... gotta set good examples for the juniors.. ha!! So, anyway, everyone is back, and so is the drama. It's like Gossip Girl!! (urrgh.. can't watch Season 2 on 8TV.. starting next week...) But I'll get to that later, if not never... It turns out there's a few more others who failed Strength and Math 2. Huh, guess I'm not alone. One good thing, it seems that everyone's looking on the bright side and ghas already set plans for next semester and for another 2 years... Also, some good news, I got a room at my college!! (hence, no use to turn that shirt into a floor rag anymore.. *blush*). Here's some motivation, from Kris Allen.

Music Playlist at Till next time,

A full-fledge Christian I am

Yesterday was another important day in my history. I finally got confirmed to be a full-fledged ( that what I call it ;P) Christian!! Yay!! I got confirmed along with my two cousins, Cyan and Chey, and also my brother-in-law. This morning, we went for our first Holy Communion!! :D ... Yea, that's it i guess. Just a short post, really... Till next time,

Life, don't give me lemons. I prefer apple juice.

"If life gives you lemon... ask for apples instead, cos apple juice tastes so much better" Today is... well... a sucky day, as usual. I decided to avoid the large queue next week and went to pay for the papers which I am going to re-sit for Sem 3. Well, as usual, there's always things which go wrong. First, I checked the schedule, and Strength of Materials isn't in the list of repeat subjects (WTF!! #1). Hence, I am only repeating Math 2, and have to take Strength next sem...haiz... Then, I went over to pay for Math 2, and only took RM40 with me. The paper costs RM120 (WTF!! #2). Finally, the biggest shizz of the day. I wasn't on the final list for a room at my college, so I submitted my appeal. The appeal list comes out, and my name's on it. So that means I get a room. That was 2 months ago. I went to get my key today, and lo and belohd, my name's missing (WTF!! #3). Thus, I have to re-submit my appeal. I've been thinking. If I don't get a room there,…

Back to that dreaded place

Finally, I've decided to post something that actually involves my life rather then movie reviews and some shizz on TV shows. So, finally, my 2 months break from my studies is over, hence I'm returning to my college ina few days. Initally planned to go back today (wah, semangatnyer..), but then it turns out old students can only register on the 4th and 5th July. Well, there goes my hope of getting everything settled before the big rush next week... *sigh*... I have plans that I have to cancel cos I said I'm going back... crap... OK, I admit, I really didn't want to go back there, cos I'm studying something I'm not intersted in. I wanna study journalism, English, art.. stuff like that.. but no, I end up with civil engineering... reason why? Ehh... the usual... I compiled a list of what I have achieved this 2 months, and... it's not much. These include: * upgrading my room (new curtains, rearranging my CD collection, hang up painting of Moulin Rouge) * get summer j…