The walking dead.. or sleepwalking, if you will

Huuuuaaaahhhh....sleepy and bored 24/7
It's another day of studying.. woo hoo... feel my enthusiasm? Ha!
Anyway, I'm just bored, and feeling sleepy, and.... bored... cos class just got cancelled.. again... (seriously, is he even interested in teaching?).. so here I am, at the com lab, bored out of my brain...
Have nothing much to talk about, really.. just having a vapid life...
Maybe I should fall in love.. yea, as if I can simply imprint on anyone.... like Jacob Black can :D
I'm even bored at the bookshop, where I'm surrounded by books.. it's not that I don't feel like reading (just got a copy of The Host, cos finally it's cheap and comes in a smaller size) , it's just that I hardly find time anymore.. there's so much to do (ya meh?), and people to see, and food to eat (post-effect: weight gain..) ...
Oh, and it turns out, coffee doesn't keep me awake in the morning anymore.. not as much as before... I just feel like I wanna go drop off some timber (LOL!! Quote from The House Bunny).
So, practically, I'm just sleepwaking thru life... and I'm supposed to meet my friend, all the way from France (he's back here for summer vacation), and he bought some Twilight posters for me (yay!!! ).. but I'm always busy... gotta find a free weekend to take him out for a movie..
TTFN. Till next time,


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