A week later

Hey guys.. yes, yes, I know.. the last thing I posted last week was Mean Kitty (you guys enjoyed that video, yes? tee hee...)... and I haven't posted anything else since.
First off, I apologize, 'kay... I've been busy with work, and it isn't my fault that my room doesn't have any internet connection (great job upgrading, Celcom =/).. trust me, even my Twilight blog was hardly updated this week...
Second of all, after the emotional roller coaster last week, I need to get back to 'study mode' when classes start... (still can't say 'university'... prefer using the term 'college' for reasons beyond my own understanding)...
So, what have I been doing lately? Well, I
1. Discovered that 'colour' is my new fav word, cos after I say it, I laugh.... colour ... hihihihi!!
2. Learned to supress emotions
3. Got all excited cos more updates, stills, and music from New Moon is released
4. Found some great new tracks to help me move on with life as a single person
5. Found some great songs to recommend to people who just got over a heartbreak
6. Gained back my driving mojo... (LOL!)
That was life. For work,
1. Assignments... as usual..
2. Tests.. Math!!
3. Fact sheet and case study for my debate society... really need to read up on something more important than Twilight and celebrity gossip.. haiz...
4. Sleep.. is that work? :D
5. Classes... we got a new lecturer for EPP, and he (it's a guy, btw) was, like, totally the type of person I wanna be! (He like to take walks, he writes poems, he studies Literature, has a Degree in English, AND thinks Star Trek is WAY better than Transformers 2!!).. for the other classes.. meh... Dr. Ehsan's back for ToS, though I prefer Pn. Azida cos I understand her better, really...
Yea, so... I don't think people really do read my blog... it's not that interesting anyway...
Oooh.. maybe I'll post something again... not New Moon, I promise... ya'll must be already sick of it :D
One more thing, if ya'll have a Twitter account, add me up! @twifanmalaysia.
Till next time,


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