Alright, so, today's post is about yesterday... yep...
Yesterday morning was my EPP (English for Professional Purposes) assignment, which is a roleplay which involved two person. The scene: A student GOING TO the MAS office to book a flight ticket. What we did: A student CALLED UP the MAS office to request details to book a flight ticket. Ha! Totally screwed up. Does it have anything to do with the fact that it's my first time wearing jeans to class? :P
Then, for our Debate Society meeting, we had a public speaking competition, as we do every month. My topic (since I have nothing to talk about, and people say just talk about something you know quite well): New Moon. Yes, New Moon. I clocked at 6+ minutes! That's six minutes of New Moon! Yay me! Sadly, I didn't win...
And that was yesterday. At least that's sorta different from my average day, right?
Till next time,


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