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Satellite Heart



You know that point in your life when you feel you're letting everyone down? When you've lost your way? When you have no idea where you are right now, where you're going, and how will your future turn out to be? Well, I think I'm already there, and has been there for a while now. It's weird, I know, to have a midlife crisis when your life isn't quite in the middle yet... it's just that sometimes you make decisions you wish you didn't make in the first place. Hence, I feel that I disappoint myself, and don't think any bit of motivation would help mke pull myself back up... is it possible I'm in pre-depression?


Hey guys. Just a heads up, I'm not gonna be posting any updates soon, cos it's study week and all, and I'm busy with other things, college stuff and all. To keep the blog alive, I'll probably be posting videos up at most... Cheers!!



Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

Night Out

OK, had so much fun tonight (or is it last night???) Anyway, we planned a surprise party for one of our friends who will be leaving soon, cos she's finishing her final semester soon. We had the usual dinner, with a rich chocolate cake as dessert We has dinner at Atmosfera, which can be a sucky place if there's many people, cos they will cook slow and may not be well-cooked (my spaghetti tastes like rubber.. ) Then, we're supposed to go karaoke, but the first place we went was full, and the second one we can't find cos I can't find Bombay Masala at Petanak (where is it anyway????). So, we went to this place called Pink, but decided not to enter it (funny. the place is pink, yet sells booze, as least that what was implied by the huge Chivas logo on the door...) We eventually ended up at Starbucks @ tHe Spring, talking, photography-ing, laughing, and making LON (lots of noise) there... we went back at 1.00am! cool, no? among the few times (few!!) I've been out this l…

Dear John

Dear John is the movie adaptation of the book of the same name by Nicholas Spark (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle). It stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. Oooh.. it looks so sweet and touching...

World Food Program: A Billion for a Billion


Omigawd. Me think I'm starting to be a real student... why? Well, finally, I'm having sleepless nights, which I know most university students experience. Yes, I'm not busy, but I am preoccupied with too many things to complete, with not much time to myself, and also a brain which can't hold up many info all at one time. Seriously, I don't know how my seniors can get through all this and graduate. For this week, throughout all my classes, I enter them with half an eyelid shut, not to mention frequent eye blinking every 10 seconds and temporary shutdown for 10-30 seconds. LOL. Although... if Meg Ryan can get an award for Sleepless in Seattle, I can too! :D LOL Till next time,

Under My Skin


Awesome awesome night. I stayed up till 4 a.m. to finish up my assignment! That's the first time I have stayed up that late in this entire semester. Woo! That, kids, is the side effects of procrastinating... LOL! XD Then, I slept at 6 a.m., putting the finishing touched on the assignment, and woke up 3 hours later, and I'm still as fresh as the morning sun! My eyes are still wide open!! Thanks to that Starbucks I had at 10pm! :P 'Kay. Till next time,

Secret in Stereos

OMG!!! I just arrived from my uni back home (I don't have class tomorrow morning, so yeah...), and when I checked my email, I found out that I won a prize!! I won a free CD from a band called Secret in Stereos. I don't know this band, probably because it's sorta indie, and probably only distribute their album in the US . I'm giving it a try anyway, cos I like listening to new music. Squee!! Check out the band's website and MySpace page. Thanks to PeaceLoveTwilight for selecting me as the winner of the giveaway!!

Whacked Hacked

Me thinks my account was hacked a few weeks back. Really! I tried logging on as usual, but then my password seemed to be wrong! WTF? So, after desperately clicking left and right on a sucky internet wireless broadband connection, I finally reset my password, and hence, can post stuff up again... at least that freak-of-a-hacker didn't post up meshugas here... So beware, ya'll. A tip from me: change your password once in a while, but not too often or else you may forget it... * meshugas - Yiddish; meaning craziness, foolishness, nonsense. Till next time,


Hey ya'll. Wow...felt like forever since I've posted anything up.. I haven't even updated my sister's blog! Anyway, I was kinda occupied with stuff.. stuff messing up my mind... which kinda brought me to the brink of depression. Seriously! Even in my debate practices, I start to mumble a lot... hish.. I'm starting to think too much, worry too much, procrastinate a lot, and feeling more lonely than ever. If this does not lead to depression, I don't know what does! What's happening to me??