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Blue Body Paint is Awesome!

OK, so if you haven't figured out from the title yet, it refers to the hit blockbuster AVATAR, directed by James Cameron. Yes, I watched it in 3D.

Verdict? Awesome, but I believe the hype was too great that it overwhelms the movie itself.

Where do I begin?.... let's start with...

Faves of '09: Celebs

Next!! OK, so I decided to make a Celebs list, not a People list, cos then the post will be awfully long, cos I have to include all my fav people here. A Celeb list would be much shorter. Let's see who I like this year.

Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and the entire Twilight cast!!

First of all, thanks to Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for casting such amazing people in roles as awesome and wonderful characters from Twilight. Second, thanks to Chris Weitz for keeping them all in, though Rachelle Lefevre won't be playing Victoria in Eclipse *sad sad*. They are all beautiful, amazing, and all stylish. It helps that they are also charming (did I mention beautiful??). Also, would-be-couple-of-the-year-if-it-is-true RPattz and KStew! :D

Favs of '09: Movies

Here's my next list, Movies!!

For y'all who have followed my blog, you've noticed I've been posting up movie reviews and all, not cos I like being a critic, but I lurve movies! So, I present my pick for this year's fav movies.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Don't tell me me you don't already know this would be on my list. I'm like, addicted to this. I know, I know, there's haters out there. Then again, there's always someone/something that some people hate, right?? Anyway, I don't care what those haters say. New Moon is a great movie, although not as awesome as Twilight was.

Star Trek

I'm not so much of a fan of sci-fi really, nor am I a fan of the previous Star Trek or the whole franchise. However, this movie is simply awesome! The effects are stunning, the storyline is great, and the cast does a good job. It helps that some are good-looking, yes? Heard there will be a sequel. Yee!!!


Yay! It's that time of the year again. It's Christmas!!

This is the season to celebrate because:

a) Jesus Christ was born on the day
b) Presents
c) Christmas carols

Personally, I think most people misunderstand the true meaning of Christmas, although the spirit of Christmas is still true.

Seems like Christmas, like Valentine's Day and any other celebration, is turning into a money-making, marketing, and promotional scheme to yield more profits year after year. I look at myself, and I've never spend as much on other things compared to Christmas presents. The amount I spend this year on presents equals to three weeks of average spending during my weeks of studying. Sheesh. Yet, I like to make people feel special and happy, and hence, presents.

That is why we should always remember Christmas as the day our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ is born to this Earth. This could probably inspire the all-time fav carol 'Joy to the World'...

Anyway, I hope y'all have a good …

Favs of 09: Music

OK, so most websites list down their faves for the decade, like, from 2000 to 2009. So, I'm coming up with my own list of what I like this year, not for the decade. 10 years ago, all I want to know is who gave me what for Christmas, and what's next on Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. LOL!.

Anyway, here's the first. My fav songs and albums from this year.

p/s there's too many songs that I like this year, so here's just a few of them.

Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad

The song is seriously catchy, but after a while, it gets anooying and irritating, especially after being overplayed by the radio. Nevertheless, I like the song, especially Leighton Meester's vocals.

Any song from Lady Gaga

From Lovegame to Paparazzi to Bad Romance, she has entertained us with her quirky style and catchy, dance-club-worthy-yet-radio-friendly tunes. She has churned hit after hit after hit. She's the one and only Lady Gaga.



One of the most creative ads I've ever seen. Kudos to Coke!


LOL. I missed my blogoversary post. Yea, it was like a week or two ago, I think... Kinda have lotsa things going on in my mind. Anyway, better late than never I say. :D

Midnight Moon

OK, so I guess everyone who knows me knows how addicted to Twilight I am. How do I know this? Cos everytime I meet someone I know or chat online with my friends, they will have this to say:

"So, have you seen Twilight yet?"
"Twilight sucks, huh..."
"Hey, wanna go watch Twilight? Heard it was good"

First of all, people, it's not Twilight. It's New Moon. Twilight was released a year ago. Second, yes, I have seen it, twice. It doesn't suck. It is good. Not great, but good.

So maybe it wasn't as appealing as Twilight was. I'll explain why in a few short paragraphs.

Before that, applauses go to Rob Pattinson, Chris Weitz, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Rachelle Lefevre for their awesome acting (directing for Chris Weitz).

So, the movie was, in general, awesome, but to me, it doesn't have that pull that Twilight has. The magic of it. Perhaps it's because Summit revealed too much of the movie online beforehand, through clips and TV spo…


OK, so, I'm back from the Royals in UM (that's Universiti Malaya). The competition was awesome, but the post-event was the most memorable part.


I went on 2 days of debating, ran up and down the streets of KL, hopped on and off the LRT and monorail train, had fun Christmas shopping, and camwhored 24/7!!

All that, in just 5 days!
Having fun is so tiring... LOL!!

So, to begin...

Beuatiful Moon