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You Make My Dreams

(500) Days of Summer

New Year... again

Hey guys. It's 2010! How are those resolutions coming along? Good? Broke some already? Ah, well. There's always another year to look forward to.

Anyway, this supposedly New Year post is already 7 days late a week late. I'm kinda busy with school stuff, debate stuff, and also finding out more than I need to about other people.

My class schedules keep on clashing with each other... if I stick to the rules, that is. So, I went off the rules, and, ta-da. No more clashes. Yay me ;)

I also found out that some of my friends will no longer be in the same classes with me *sad sad* Yea, you know who you are. *hate* :p

Yea, so. That was my first week of 2010. Am I looking forward to the weeks to come? Hardly. I already have my schedule all done for me until May! That's 5 months of events in advance *faints, then would probably faint some more*

Yup, seems to me that this year would be as bland as the last. Blah.