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Bree Tanner's Short Life

I got my copy of the hardback a few weeks ago, and I finished about a week later (unlike some Twilighters who can finish it overnight).

Anyway, the story somewhat explains about Bree and shades some light on the life of a newborn. It's totally different from Eclipse.

Most important, you gotta read this before watching Eclipse. Kinda explains how Bree came to be.

After A Week of Football

OK, so, I'm practically a newbie/rookie/beginner when it comes to football. I mean, I don't care much about it before (though I keep up with football news), but suddenly, I find myself interested in it. Really. That's what that confuses me.

Anyway, after a week of keeping track and watching the World Cup, I begin to see what the world is so obsessed about when it comes to this sport compared to other sports out there. It's the spirit of the game, and the adrenalin rush during both watching a game and playing a game. Besides, it provides great bonding and a great conversation piece. I'm still new, so the rest of the world would probably know more football than I do. Again, newbie.

So, what have we seen so far this year? The underdogs are emerging. I guess that term is .. uncalled for. I shall rename them, The Unexpected. Much better.

The Unexpecteds seem to perform well enough to overcome the challenges from the big guns. The USA got a draw playing with England, Se…

Kick It

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Kaká) by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

This post is inevitable. I'm easily influenced by my surroundings.

As I'm typing this, I'm waitching the first match of the FIFA World Cup 2010 between South Africa and Mexico. Woop!!

Ok, so, if you know me well,you know I'm not into football (or soccer as the Americans call it). Really. I don't know why. Maybe I'm not into the whole sports thing. I'm not. I did become a goalkeeper once in high school, but it's just for PE class. No big deal.

Anyway, in my family, my sis, my brother-in-law, and my dad are all into football. I'm not, and I'm a guy. I know, right? Again, I'm not into sports.

I guess there are advantages in football, especially if you're talented. One, you're worth millions. Some clubs spend millions to import another player. Two, appearance. Now that you're a jock, everyone idolises you. Three, it's a good workout. You get a sexy, healthy bod…


3 years ago, I just finished high school. 3 years ago, my circle of friends was tightly knitted and inseparable. 3 years ago, we were 17.
3 years later, I am in university. 3 years later, my circle of friends is starting to show some wear and tear. 3 years later, we are 21.
What difference 3 years make.
I guess the reason that everything change so fast is that we move in different directions. Or perhaps I’m hoping too much that we'll be best friends forever that I choose to ignore these sign of changes. Yes, we do keep in tough, but I guess when high school's over, it's survival of the fittest, and come choose to survive with some and ignore the others.
I'm not pointing fingers to my friends. I love them all so much; I treat them like one of my brothers and sisters. Still, I can't help to grasp the fact that as we go to different places to study, we are getting in other influences which changes us. These changes would one way or another come between us, and eventually …

A for Awesome-Team!

OK, so high octane, gun-shooting, explosion-laden action movies isn't really my fav cup of tea, but The A-Team is simply outstanding!
I can't compare the movie to the original TV series, so I can only comment on the movie as itself.
I have not much comments on acting, though I'm pretty sure the actors carried their role very well. The guys look like they are really having fun throughout the filming of the movie. That is why I, as the audience, felt like I'm part of the movie.
Yes, the best part of this movie is the OTT action scenes. Very well done and choreographed.  The action scenes truly gave me an adrenaline rush!!
Also, the soundtrack sounds good as well as the score. Alan Silvestri does a good job on this.
Well, that was short. But, yes, the movie is good. Certainly the highlight of my summer movie experience, the same feeling I had with Iron Man last summer.
Rating: 4/5. Consensus: Hot stuff, with top-notch action scenes.

p/s: I am SO having a guy-crush on Bradley Coop…

The awesomeness of New Moon

I watched the MMA live this morning, and was ecstatic cos New Moon won many awards. Sure, they didn't deserve Best Movie (I don't know which movie is these days!!) but they got the awesome ones, like Best Kiss!
Rob also got Global Superstar! So, in honour of New Moon, I'm posting up photos!!

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at!

New Eclipse clip!!

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at!

So. Many. Sources. including KStewFan and ROBsessed.


The population of Malaysia is said to be inactive when it comes to their reading habit. The experts or whoever said that Malaysians only read, like, one or two pages a year. That said, they come up with a corny adverts and a tacky theme song. Yeesh.

Ironically, every week I step into MPH or Popular, they are always packed with people, and almost everyone exits the place with a book. Not reading, eh?

I particularly blame the price of books. I mean, even a 150+ book in MPH costs, like, RM35, and that's in paperback. I shall not touch on hardbacks, those are either a bit pricier or just a rare find for some books here.

For example, Twilight and its parody, Nightlight and Twilite. The original Twilight novel costs RM35+, while the parodies costs RM50+!! So, why even bother selling if it's too pricey that no one wanna buy it? Even those '...for Dummies' books are expensive.

Once a month, these bookstores hold book fairs, selling books at low prices. The books at every fair…