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Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 5: And Before You Know It, That Day Arrives

A week ago, it was the day. A week later, I'm typing this. A week ago, I was 20. A week later, I am 21. Not much difference really...

Being 21 isn't all it's hyped up to be. You're still you. End of story.

Sure, you're of legal age now and officially an adult. You can go clubbing without fear of underage raiding, as well as having one-night stands (not that it matters, anyway). Yet, there's a part in me that wishes that I could be 17 forever ... I wonder if one of the Cullens would bite me ;)

Anyway, forget the moppy intro. Just wanna thank y'all who wished me Happy Birthday in more ways than one :)

A very very big hug goes to:

Abby, Faz, Darel, Azza, Rix, Bry, Nor, Laja

Group hug for:

Salihin, Arvina, Esther, Alex (kitteh), Monique, Prema, Nemala, Quay, Albert, Ting, Andrew

Lots of love for:

Nicholas, Lee, Zait, Amal, Edel, Melin, Azreen, Fendy, Nichole, Stroyan, Siti Hasyyati, Kak Pausiah, Norfazila, Jenny, Syukri, Rohene, Bob, Lydia, Fredrickson, Shalini…

waiting for truth

i swear someday i will kill myself
im not sure what makes me happy anymore
im thankful for what and who i have but im not sure if others are thankful that i exist. not that i expect them to
i dont know if ill ever know how it feels to love someone and have them love you back
i have a truly uncertain future. really.
if i hide this post and date it to years ago, will someone find it

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 4.5: Drumroll, Please ... Not for Me

OK, so they announced the winner of the Ultimate Tagline Challenge, and it is ... not us. Team USCI got it.

Of course I'm disappointed (not to mention upset with myself, I need retail therapy as soon as I left the hotel!). But I'm happy that the prize went to the best-est people I have ever met. Actually, all of the people I met during that 3D2N stay are awesome, or best-est. One moment, we're total strangers to each other, the next, we're friends on Facebook and are already sad on thinking when will we all met again.

It's OK, though. I mean, RM 3000 worth of dining and accommodation vouchers are just OK, right? *sobs* *finishes tissue box* *more sobs* I need retail therapy... again. Ooh, the midyear sale is still on! Yay! LOL :P

Again, congratz to Edmund, Julian, and Fifi! :D *applause* Thanks to Ms Eileen, Grand Margherita, and Riverside Majestic. It's awesomeness all around ;)

Shall I propose this as the theme song? ;)

p/s this post gets a '.5' title…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 4: Everything Seems to be on Replay ... Sometimes

I never thought of myself as a optimist, more of a pessimist. Then again, most of my situations turn up to be OK.

First of all, my subjects. Just to fit one subject, I have to change my entire class schedule. I thought I can't cope with it, but it seem to be working out fine ... for now. That's a good thing, I hope.

4 weeks into the third semester, I'm beginning to lose myself. To be honest, I don't want to study anymore. Take a break, maybe travel. Alas, my financial problems set that dream waaaaaay far back into the next century (sorry, being over dramatic. These are some of the times I feel like writing up a somewhat long blog post. Bear with me.) Something about my loan from PTPTN that didn't work out well. At least I now know a) what life would be without money b) that I should learn to be thrifty c) when it comes to money, nothing is simple.

Oh, and if anything up here has been said earlier, my apologies.

Furthermore, I'm easily bored and always wanna go …