Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 10.5: Another Drumroll ... and It's Still Not For Me.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I could do better, but I guess I let the pressure go to my head.

Anyway, the Yayasan Sarawak World Style English Debate Challenge Trophy  2010 (A mouthful, I know...) just ended. I was in the finals, representing my university.

Did I win? No.

Did I lose? No.

I didn't win because ... well, I didn't. We (my teammate and I) got 2nd, which is better than 3rd or 4th, right? Yea, I was sad and disappointed because I did feel we could have win this thing. I guess I got too confident, eh...

Technically, I lost, but I win because I meet new people. Although most of them I practically know their name already (and they have yet to realize I exist), I meet some more new faces. So it was kinda cool. Oh, and the experience. Besides KDL, there wasn't any other tournament in British Parliamentray style that I've joined, so it was definitely fun.

So, yea, we did get RM3k. Sounds a lot? The champs (Swinburne) got RM4k.

I can't hide the fact that I am indeed disappointed in myself (so much that I repeated this three times in this post alone), but I an happy that at least we did manage to place. I wonder what if we were New Directions instead ;)

Anyhow, even if (yerdeh, 'even if' argument ;)) we didn't win, that wouldn;t stop me from making a speech. Here goes: *ehem ehem*

*spotlight**Oscar moment*

"First, I wanna thank God for giving us a chance to be awesome and take us to the finals. I also thank Him for giving me and my other debating friends such a wonderful time debating, although trouble did stir but that was resolved anyhow.

I wanna thank my teammate, Ms Nemala, for being her awesome self, not to mention she's the only girl on stage this afternoon. This also goes out to Prema for always being the resourceful one and whoi is alwyas there for us. Girl power to ya both! Thanks also goes to our senior, Mr Quay for giving his time to help us a lot to get ready for this tournament (hope we didn;t disappoint you to much...), and our trainer, Ms Hana. 

Hugs and kisses go to my fellow debaters, the army of UNIMAS Debaters. We had practiced so hard and read up alot, as well as helping each other so much. We couldn't have done this without you all who cheered for us even though we didn't do as good as the other teams. I hope that in the next tournament, you guys will win it and finally make the university proud with us once again.

Extended thanks to my family, Mr Ahmad Sabu (just because...), and ... my dog, Hero. I love you!"

Now if only they gave me a chance to say all that on stage ... anyway, I shall move ahead with life for there are more things to worry about! yay!!


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