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Far Ahead

Was cleaning up the blog, weeding out useless posts. Wow, how my blogging style has evolved. From kiddish to dramatic to sarcastic to plain ol' blah.

Someday, I shall look back at this, and think the same way about a few 100 posts after this.

Bad Semester

So my third year ends. Great.

Three years, and I haven't found something to love about my course. But I guess I just have to live with my decision.

Anyway, I was glad the semester is over. This has been one very, very bad semester. The worst so far. I have no idea what's gonna happen for the next two while I'm still on campus. During the semester,

a) an accident happen on campus grounds that shook the entire student population. The college students reps have been asked to go for counselling sessions to avoid a repeat incident. RIP, my friend.
b) I signed up for the gym, but stopped going after a month due to workload, and pure laziness. We kinda promised the gym instructtor we won't be like one of those people who skips after a while, but we eventually did.
c) politics creeped into the Society, something we promised will never happen again. Bickering and quarrels follow, including a bit of betrayal and lotsa hoopla. The Society is no longer fun to be in anymore; '…

Of Elephants, The Circus, and Edward playing Jacob

If you know what I mean by the this post title, you would know. If you don't, you don't.

I went to a sneak preview of Rob Pattinson's latest film Water for Elephants, and I LOVED it!!

[Kinda busy, so I'll write my full review later]

I read the book months before the movie was released, so I went to watch with high expectations, to see if the charm from the book is translated well onto the big screen. I am not disappointed, not even a bit.

The movie was very good. Not great, but very good. It's been a while that circus-themed movies has been made, so it's kinda nice to see one after a while. The movie retains the circus charm that you get from reading the book. The score by James Newton Howard was amazing, making everything feel so magical more than it already seem to be.

It's good to see Rob finally becoming a true leading man. Sure, he still has a bit of trouble expressing himself via his face, but his body language makes up for that. It's also good to …