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From childhood's hour I have not been  As others were; I have not seen  As others saw; I could not bring  My passions from a common spring.  From the same source I have not taken  My sorrow; I could not awaken  My heart to joy at the same tone;  And all I loved, I loved alone.  Then- in my childhood, in the dawn  Of a most stormy life- was drawn  From every depth of good and ill  The mystery which binds me still:  From the torrent, or the fountain,  From the red cliff of the mountain,  From the sun that round me rolled  In its autumn tint of gold,  From the lightning in the sky  As it passed me flying by,  From the thunder and the storm,  And the cloud that took the form  (When the rest of Heaven was blue)  Of a demon in my view.
~ Edgar Allan Poe

The 'Final Days' Playlist

Marion Raven - End Of Me Lady Gaga - Hair Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory
The Rasmus - F-F-F-Falling Ronan Keating - If Tomorrow Never Comes The Bird and the Bee - Last Day of Our Love Adele - Make You Feel My Love Shontelle - Say Hello to Goodbye The Academy Is ... - Everything We Had Coldplay - Fix You Coldplay - The Scientist Evanescence - Imaginary Acid House Kings - Would You Say Stop

Why I Blog, Simplified

As explained by Amy Adams: -

The End

This has gotta be the most anticipated movie ever. Can't wait for July. Also, I promise myself I would watch this in 3D.

Day 20

It's Day 20 of my internship here at Borneo Development Corp. A blog post is due.

But to be honest, I don't know what to post.

Not that I am out of words. It's just that there's practically nothing to blog about. Thought of posting random cat photos (people are weakened by their cuteness, I suppose) but went against it. I have Tumblr for that.

Practically why I post up videos once in a while, ones that i find interesting and worth sharing.

Speaking of sharing, I got blasted online for posting up Lady Gaga's song Schei├če on some magazine's website (given the song was played backwards and the source site described it as 'sounding like a Satanic ritual'...umm). It's not by the mag's site, though. It's by some guy who thought my shared link may cause an uproar between Monsters and non-Monsters. Huh, weird fella.

So yea, that's as much as I find worth sharing.

Oh, also, I can't use torrents to download movies anymore. Malaysia blocked the…

The Power of Imagination

I can't believe I didn't discover this earlier. It was posted up on Youtube a year ago.

Silly Old Bear

My childhood icon paired with one of my favourite songs. Bliss.

11 Days Later

I was supposed to post this up on Monday, but I (finally) got some work to do.

I'm currently doing my industrial training a.k.a. practical at a nearby development company (and by nearby, I mean 5 mins walk away from my home).

I have 47 days to complete. Some say it's too short to learn anything. I say, 47 days is enough for a person who not too keen to start working just yet, at least not in engineering. Technically, we're not working, but is requested to 'feel like' it to make the experience seem more real. Oh, it's real alright.

So far, as of 31st May, it's 11 days. That was fast, you think? Not so if you just sit at the desk, occasionally go to site, and practically do nothing. You'll be checking the clock every 30 minutes to countdown the time you leave the office.

Hopefully, I get as much knowledge as I can. I try not to limit myself to just the site and merely on structural and construction. All the fine details are, I feel, necessary to learn to…