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God, Is That You?

Either God's really controlling this Facebook app, or it's just a coincidence.

A Disastrous Afterthought

You know that I only blog when I'm all down in the dumps. Well, it's one of those days again.

Technically, it was a few days ago. It was during our Integrated Design Project (IDP) class, and we're working on a soon-to-be-real project. Supposedly it's easier than previous years, but that's not what struck me. My lecturer said something along the lines of "If you don't know how to work this, then might as well don't graduate".

I felt an arrow going through my pink, wretched heart.

So her statement wasn't targeting anyone specifically, but somehow I felt something inside me that made me wanna quit my studies right there and then.

But I couldn't. I would have wasted 3 years of my life. Then again, I already have, studying something I have very little interest in. Then I started to think about the future. Y'know, after I graduate, will I get a job? Am I going to be an engineer or just a person with an engineering degree? Will I ever be goo…

Going Back

Summer is over, which means I'm heading back to campus for another year.

Thrilled? Not so much.

I don't know, really. After a summer that was both depressing and exciting, I'm a little anxious to go back to meet my friends again. Four months of little social interaction brings out the socially awkward penguin from within me. I find myself more comfortable being in front of my one true love, my laptop, as well as listening to the sound of my heartbeat, my iPod.

Throughout summer, I didn't have a goal. I don't plan for anything, but I tried to make the most out of it. Once my internship is over, it was total freedom.

Yet, I didn't feel happy. I find myself feeling more down than ever. Notice I didn't blog much last month, nor is my Facebook wall very active. I spent most of my summer on Tumblr, and it was the best summer I had thanks to the people I follow.

It might be rude for me to neglect my other friends. I do meet up with my university friends or call o…

When I Say I'm Happy