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Happy Halloween!


My Life's Theme Song

If I were to have one. One of the best song ever written, IMHO.

The Weekend of StartUps

I've never seen myself as a business type of person, true story. So, when my friend persuaded me to tag along for the StartUp Weekend/DiGi Challenge For Change, I didn't think much of it.

Was I ever wrong.

For the purpose of anonymity, my friends shall be given the codenames of Kate, Caesar, and Zee ;)

Also, this post shall be separated from the other posts due to its happy content.

Anyway, I have to say that my weekend was spent quite well. I mean, it did take away the three days of the only rest days I have, or at least, my assignment-finishing-up days. I didn't expect to enjoy it in more ways than one.

Want and Need II

I want attention
I want peace
I want people to like me
I want to do things I love
I want to sleep more
I want to paint
I want to sing
I want to love
I want to do many things
I want to dance
I want to get drunk
I want to kiss someone
I want a perfect life
I want more money to spend
I want to buy things
I want a new phone

I need to get out of this place
I need to get a life

The Man and The Third Apple to Change Mankind

Stupid and Probably Crazy

Stupid. I have been very stupid lately.
The semester has begun, and I'm felling rather stupid.
First, there are the classes. I'll be extending for at least a year (knock on wood), due to me repeating subjects. Because I'm repeating subjects, I can't take some Year 4 core subs. It's killing me inside because it means that I would have to work to pay for the semester. Chances are my parents won't let me, but I would have no choice. I do have to re-think the option though.
Second, my finances are diminishing at an alarming rate. I'm overspending and going out almost every night, just to escape reality. This scares me. I have lots of work to do, give or take. There's the final year project, and the integrated design project, and both would need major attention. It's only been week 4 and I can't seem to regain my balance to study. I just can't take it all in. It didn't help that my dad confessed (or revealed, sorta) that when I was applying for …