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Decisions and Guilt

Sometimes we make decisions because we have to, and we want to. Some decisions lead to good things, like a great day, or appreciation from others. Sometimes, you feel the guilt of that decision. Of course, that depends.

Last Saturday, I had a family dinner, but I skipped to see a friend off at the airport. She was a dear friend, and I won't be seeing her for a while. After that, I wonder if my uncle would be mad at me for not going to the family dinner, since he was the one hosting it. Guilt.

Just this morning, dad said he has to go see the doctor. His skin condition starts back up again. He wanted me to come along, but I told him I had a prior engagement with a friend to move out of her house and move in to a new one. He seemed OK with it. Meanwhile, I'm feeling so freakin' guilty right now.

Of course, he'll never know I feel guilty about this. I'm worried about him, of course. But dad, he's the kinda guy who would rather people not worry about him. He said &…