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We're Out Of Optimistic Outcomes. Would You Care for a Silver Lining?

I could say that it's official, but it isn't over until the plus-sized lady sings. Or so they say. Could my time in university extend itself? High chances. *touches wood, throws salt*
So I had my Math finals today, and I dare say that I may have to extend another semester just to retake the paper. Why? Cos I'm lazy.
In truth, I studied. I asked my friend for exam tips, and she told me some. They were all accurate, thankfully. Unfortunately, I focused on a different part while a different part was asked in the exam. If based on the new university grading system, if you fail your final exams, then you fail the entire subject; it doesn't matter if your carry marks are high and all. Which kinda sucks. But hey, it's like how one of my lecturer said the other day, 'we want to you to gain knowledge, and not merely passing for the sake of passing'. True, but I've been on campus for 5 years. It's about time to release me into the wild.