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For the longest time, I've always been contemplating about life. These days, I realised that I haven't thought about it much. I'm currently unemployed, broke, lazy, and to top it all off, lost.

Somehow, I feel like I'm truly lost in the world where everyone seems to know what they want. I know that I've mentioned about this a while ago in another post. I guess today is one of those days when the feeling comes creeping back again, like back when I was still studying.

I believe we all have options. Then again, having options is how some get out of doing things they don't want to do. Some regret not doing it, others find a way to tell themselves they are doing the right thing. I figured that I am neither. I don't think my choices were smart, but there are times I’m thankful I chose them.

Film Review: 'The Journey' is Simply Delightful

First of all, I love this film. I really do. It has heart, emotions, feels, and a cast that works well together. I've seen many people rave about this film, and I can see why. It's a delightful film. But let's start on why it's such a marvel.

The Unemployed Person's To-Do List

So, I have a plan to do things at home while a) I'm out of a job, and b) I'm broke.

1. Learn a new skill. I'm hoping to learn guitar or piano or something. I have an organ at home (not the pipe variety. it's a Technics organ), so maybe that. Perhaps songwriting, or writing of any sorts. Or paint. Maybe coding.
2. Also, cooking. I can bake, but not cook.


I'm out of a job. I have nothing.
Now, at first, I thought that 'yay finally don't have to wake up early for a while'. Turns out, I still have to wake up at the usual time I used to when I worked.
So, basically, I made this: