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10 Things I'm Proud Of for Myself So Far

1. Having a reading habit. Also, a lot of books.

2. Being more outspoken as compared to 5 years ago.

3. Evolving my taste in music.

4. Ability to not follow trends too closely.

5. Understanding that my introversion is part of my personality, and trying to embrace as well as break away from it.

6. Creating new words that sound good but is not in the dictionary. Like 'immersive' and 'youngerer'.

7. Constantly impressed by new things that shouldn't impress me, like this Barbie Rapunzel that is totally wicked, or this TASM2colour-changing umbrella.

8. Being closer to my family.

9. Abilty to assess my friendship with people.

10. Less suicidal thoughts (also, apparently a suicide attempt is illegal. I never knew that).

10 Things I Would Put on a (Yet Unestablished) Bucket List

1. Travel to a remote island far, far away, like Bora Bora or Fiji.

2. Craft something extraordinary.

3. Find someone with the same name as mine.

4. Meeting Coldplay, and be friends with them

5. Have multiple book-to-ceiling bookshelves

6. Go to London.

7. Travel the world.

8. Visit a bookstore and/or a library everywhere I go.

9. Writing a novel

10. Find more things to put in the list

10 Things I Wish Didn't Exist

1. My introversion and social ineptness

2. My lack of self-motivation

3. My fear (of basically anything and everything)

4. My rage and anger issues

5. My book addiction (I'm happy that I read as a habit, but an addiction is a different thing)

6. My jealousy

7. My habit of thinking back on past conversations

8. My tendency to get myself in trouble

9. My habit of regretting things

10. My entire existence

Have You Ever Tried?

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15 Things I Regret So Far

1. Procrastination. On everything.

2. Unnecessary spending. I buy a lot of books and shirts, but not enough pants.

3. Not being outspoken back then. I studied 5 years in engineering, something I dislike more as time goes by during that 5 years.

4. Being a wallflower, which now I believe contributes to my social awkwardness.

5. Laziness, which resulted in me being fat.

6. I don't know what I want in life, resulting in unemployment.

7. I'm quiet, and therefore I don't have many friends.

8. I constantly hope to not live long, while others who wants to live longer doesn't get the chance.

9. Creating excuses.

10. Investing time and money on useless things. Or, sunk cost fallacy.

11. Being myself around people. Bad first impression.

12. Wanting too much, but not trying too hard.

13. Wishing, waiting, and not doing anything.

14. Always thinking there's gotta be more to life.

15. Hardly doing anything on my unemployment to-do list.

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