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Things I Did/Did Not Do in 2014

As usual, I promised myself I'll do a lot of stuff in the short span of a year. Therefore, a recap post is imminent.

A few months ago, and days after I stopped working at the bookstore, I dreamed up an ambitious year ahead, or what's left of the year, at least. So, did I do anything I said I wanted to do?

I DID learn how to code (a lil' bit).
I got an account on Dash and Code Academy, and learned the basics of HTML. I've tinkered with them a bit when I was still handling my Twilight blog and this blog (both still alive, yay); nothing too deep. Both sites went deeper. I also signed up for Rails Girls when they had a workshop in Kuching (it's mainly for girls, but guys can join in, too). We learned about Ruby, and built a photo gallery online. It's basic stuff, nothing too deep, but fun and I learned a lot. The thing is, after the workshop and once the online tutorials ended, I didn't go further. Basically, I didn't do more than what I did during the tuto…

Fav Eternal Classic

The Christmas song (almost) everyone in the family knows but doesn't want to sing, except for me. I love this song.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Music: 'The Weight of Living', Bastille