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life #3

In The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus Waters answered 'oblivion' when asked about his fear. He didn't explain what it meant, but Hazel Grace interpreted his fear of oblivion as 'the fear of being forgotten'. In truth, I believe in that; his form of fear.

I Went for My First Ever TEDx Event, And This is How It (and My Thoughts) Went

TEDxCurtinUSarawak Speakers Lineup
TED is a big thing (a very big thing), so it was exciting that the university is having a TEDx event on campus. Since I've decided to not be cooped up in my room all semester, I went for it.

1. I arrived super early, at 8am. Like, 1 hour early.
2. The ticket looks like a bookmark. I wonder how would they consider it checked. Will they tear a portion off? (noes!!)
3. Oh, they just punched a hole in it, for a ribbon, in case you end up making it a bookmark and you'd like a ribbon in it. Cool.
4. Got a goodie bag. Notebook, pen, sponsor's leaflet, a keychain, and a super-cool wooden pendrive. Also, the bag is waterproof. Also got a tag and a lanyard. There's "I'm interested in", and i put "books".
5. They're preping up the hall, but I went in and got a seat anyway.
6. I like the stage. Looks like the online videos.
7. The big TEDx on-the-ground sign in there. I wonder who would take that home. Do they break it …

#TIL #1

1. Only you should feel sorry for yourself. At that, you shouldn't let others feel sorry for you.

2. Sympathy and empathy are two different things. One is 'poor you' and one is 'i know how you feel, and i'm sorry you feel that way'. (I may have it twisted though)

3. You can't expect people to understand you all the time.

4. People could care less, even when you care more.

5. It's not wrong to ask for a little sympathy (or is that just me?)

6. Not everyone will get you.

7. Not everyone will care for you.

8. Learn to move on, because tomorrow is another day.

9. If you're sad, be sad. After you're done being sad, move on.

10. Keep telling yourself "You're going to be OK, eventually" because no one will always be there to comfort you.

11. I have no one to talk to.

12. I feel better about my sad, depressing day after typing all these out