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life #5

i'm 26
doesn't have a full-time job
have fruitless dreams
no life motivation
constantly getting lost in the clouds
or under a pile of books

people out there
people my age
friends and acquaintances
are having careers
day jobs
life achievements
multiple stamps and visas in their passports

where did i go wrong with life
will i ever get it right

it would be simple
to not think about all this
in death

I Went to A Stage Play on Campus, and I Loved The Dance Sequence

So, I just got back from a play that the Curtin Theatre Club and Curtin Arts and Dance Club put on, and I liked it. It wasn't what I expected, given the title, but still a really good show. It's not like I've been to many stage plays, ever.

They call it Romeo and Juliet: A Twist in Time.

So we all know the classic tale. Opposing family factions, a love story, and of course, deaths. They updated the story (as always) and place it in the current time. Most of the story is still intact. Instead of opposing families, it appears to be a rival gang of sorts in a college or university. Juliet was part of Zamboni (ripped off Plants vs Zombies) and Romeo was part of the Wildcats (High School Musical fan, perhaps). Juliet’s brother seems to be the leader of their group, and Romeo was the leader of his own. They don't seem to have much of a following on both sides, though. Juliet has a friend, Mia, who's the girlfriend of her brother, Bowen. Romeo has two best friends, Sam a…

life #4/ troubled #6

i hate myself for being