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When Things Want To Go Wrong, They Can and They Do

I'm out of a job. Again.
The other one I went for an interview for haven't gotten back to me in a month. I've called.
I'm going broke faster than ever. Payday today, pay bills for the next few weeks.
I bought the wrong plane tickets. Fortunately, it's not too pricey, but still a week worth of groceries and fuel.
I bought another book. Not a bad thing, but still.

Clearly, this list will be expanded eventually.
Just, please, not today.

worrier #1

I just realised that it's almost the end of May, and I haven't thought of posting anything here.

I suppose this month is kinda full of worries. I'm worried about my interview result, of which they haven't gotten back to me about. I'm worried that if I have to leave campus before the semester ends, the reports and other paperwork which determines the students' marks will have to be pushed to some else, and I am responsible for that.

I'm worried about money, because it seems that I am spending more this month. Luckily salary day is on the 25th (this week! Wednesday!). I'm worried about my friendship with people back home. I has been a bit strained lately, and countless awkward conversations have strained them even more.

I'm worried about mum and dad. I'm worried about my sister (sometimes, because she can handle herself).

I'm worried about basically everything.

I am a worrier.

Also, this post is just to make sure I don't miss out on my mon…