travel #1

OK, so. I did what I finally wanted to do for a while. It's not a big deal to alot of people, but it is for me. I've never done it by myself, and for myself. A last minute decision, but thankfully, it was better than I expected.

I went travelling, alone. Yay me.
Nowhere far, really, just across the sea to the big city.

I wasn't alone, per se.
I met up with a friend, but I still got time to do a bit of exploring on my own.

I bought stuff, and I found my princes in a boxset.
I bought a few more stuff. Stuff I can't get here. Like a Funko Pop of Captain America.
My intention isn't exactly to buy stuff, but just to visit and see places.
But I bought stuff anyway.
I visited my dream bookstore, Kinokuniya, and ate Subway (my second since 2010 lol), and visited museums.

A friend (more like colleague, but I call her friend) from campus said to me, "Let's hope this is the start to a lifelong habit of travel".
She was right. Oh so right.

I can't wait to do it again.
I really don't mind going back to the big city.
There's so much more I have't seen and done.

Thanks, friends!
Much love.

p/s Coldplay is officially performing in Singapore in April '17! Guess where I (may) be heading to next!


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