hope #2 / life #11

what is luck?
how do we consider ourselves lucky?

some measure luck based on success in life, i.e. you're successful because you're lucky that you grab or get opportunities other missed.
other consider luck to be something that you are destined i.e. you're born lucky, because you have enough money to get what you want.

but really, which one is it?
Are we born lucky, or have luck placed upon us?
or should be simply be thankful for the luck we already have without us knowing?
i.e. we're lucky to be alive, to have lived, to love and to be loved, to have a life.

do i consider myself lucky?
but most of the time, no.
i'm lucky to have parents, and to have a family.
to be alive right now, but dead inside.
to have a job and money, but more responsibilities.
to have (somewhat) lived, but not (entirely) found love.

perhaps i'm jaded.
or content. with life.

perhaps someday i'll be lucky enough to be happy.
but first, what is being happy?

i guess that's a question for another day.

and that was a random rant.
thanks for reading.


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