life #14: birthday no. 28

I don't really care for birthdays anymore.
Not mine, at least. I still care for other people's birthdays.

Mum took the family for a one-night vacay to the beach resort on Friday.
I stayed up all night doing work and waiting for the meteor shower.
It was a cloudy night.
No meteor shower.

After cake-cutting on Saturday night, I stayed home.
Friends are either already occupied, or didn't want to go out.
The usual.

So I did nothing for my birthday.
I did clean my room.
And slept early-ish.
Reasons why I don't care for it so much anymore.

Either way,
yay 28.
I survived 27, physically.
But my soul, hope, spirit, and dreams died along the way.

So yea.

p/s get Melodrama on iTunes.


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