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CNY part 3

Hey guys. Sorry this came in alte. Just too lazy to do anything, honestly 0_< So anyway, here are some photos that we took during the festivities. There's more, but like I said, too lazy to post...

CNY '09 Part 2

Hey guys! Happy CNY! Okay, today is the first day of the Lunar New Year a.k.a. CNY. It was a fun day... still, same old, same old. This year, I sorta volunteered for kitchen duty. Ain't my fault; those unwashed cups are stacked on the kitchen table... at least I got something to do... Anyway, I did go to just one house this year, mainly cos mum is working.. and my sister went around town with her fiancee, so it's just me and my dad. We did the usual thing... go to my grandma's house in the morning, stay there till evening, then off to my aunt's house for dinner.. Glad the day's finally over... gotta get some rest... Ooh.. here's the fireworks vid I promised ^_^ Have a great holiday, everyone!!

CNY 09!

Hey guys... it's been a while.. I know.. Anyway, tomorrow is the Lunar New Year celebration, and as usual, we had our family reunion dinner. Nothing too special about that... OK, this one's gonna be short, cos have nothing much to say...Just waiting for the fireworkd and smoke to fill up the dark, cloudy night sky.. Well, to all my friends, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! p/s I'll post up fireworks vids tomorrow, aite.. just recorded some around my neighbourhood and got some editing to do...

Back to skool

It's that time of the year again. Time to grab those backpacks, schoolbooks, and head down to class. Crap. The new semester has just began, and I'm alrwady feeling unorganized. Of course, it's not my fault the schedule changes again... and again... and again... A week of classes are over, and I have some comments I need to say out for each subject. Mechanics: Repeating the paper this sem. Failed it last sem. Studying the same thing again... Geology: Gonna be my fav(!) although it might be difficult. Still, we'll be learning about rocks and the Earth!! Cool! Math 2: It's math. 'Nuff said. IT a.k.a. TMX: Seems mediocre... though it's tougher than it looks... B.M.: It's BM... just like high school... Materials: Mechanics + Materials. Oh no... Lab: Got lotsa work to do this sem! Survey: Totally new to us... Medium chance for me to pass... really... Programming: More computer stuff... this might get ugly... Well, here's to hoping that this sem my result will be be…