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The Princess and the Frog

A Christmas Carol

Not so much a humbug

It's another re-telling of the amazing classic story by Charles Dickens, this time it's shot using motion capture technology by Robert Zemeckis. If you already know the story, and you are watching this to see how they adapt the classic, then there's not much surprises left. If you are watching this merely because it's the latest movie in the cinemas, then I guess you won't have the same feeling as those who already know the story. Still, the animation looks so lifelike, the score is lovely, and the effects are wonderful! The movie is shot for Digital 3D, so even in 2D, you can still feel the 3D-ness effect... way cool. This is truly a magical Christmas experience. 4/5 stars! p/s The poster is in German, but there is an English one available. It's juast that I like this poster best.

Where Are You, Christmas?


Ohmigawd. Today was probably one of the most tiring day I ever had. This is what I did today: 6.00 am: Send friend to airport 7.00am: Rest at home 9:00am: Go back to college, send friend to airport 10:00am: Rest at home 12.10pm: Send Twilight T-shirt to courier service office 2:00pm: Go back college to pack stuff to bring back 2.30pm: Go get key for apartment for debate practice week 3:00pm: Meeting with Student Council 4.00pm: Send friend to airport 5.00pm: Arrive home, caught some zzzz 12.00am: Can't sleep... Yes, a busy, busy day... still, it's nice to help out a friend. I like to put a smile on someone's face :) Well, I'm still trying my best to hold everything together, cos next week, I will be extremely busy with: * Debate practice for one week! * Helping to welcome UIAM and UUM students to UNIMAS * Trying to find time to squeeze a screening of New Moon * Packing to leave for KL on 3rd Dec for Malaysian Royal Debate at UM! Happy holidays, y'all!!

The Sleeping Dictionary

A movie showcasing a young Jessica Alba pre-Dark Angel, and also Hugh Dancy before he beacme a big movie star. Shot on location in Sarawak, but the final mountain scene is obviously CGI...

Remember Me

I'll Stand by You

Time for Miracles

3 Years and Counting

Possible **SPOILERS** ahead. One might think this one as just another disaster flick, but wait. This one is different. It has human values, and shows it in more than one character, which I think is awesome (hence, poster selection above). It makes you want to care about the character, on how they develop, and how everything ends. The human emotion are written quite well and protrayed even better by the cast, especially the scientist guy Adrian, the guy's friend from India Dr. Satnam, John Cusack's character Jackson, and the young Buddhist monk Nima. I actually felt like crying when I see that massive chunk of land just vanish into the sea, and how the tsunami just hit the Indian family... makes me wanna go hug my family even more... the movie is a pretty sad movie, really... But let's get back to what we all expect from the trailers and poster: OTTT visualization of total mass destruction, in this movie's case, the end of the world. The CGI in this movie is, may I say, p…

Bad Romance


OK, so exam week is going pretty well... I went thru 2 papers already, and there are 4 papers left... The first two are 2 credit hours subjects, while the other three are 3 creds. Yes, life is tough... Still, I still have time to create a new header for my blog (yay!) inspired by my not-yet-released-but-is-sure-to-be-one-of-my-fav-movie-ever, New Moon! Yes, the obsession just went up a notch. Whee!! Anyway, to all my friends, good luck for your exams!!! It's tough, but we just gotta do this... for the sake of a degree... 2 years from now, we would want to go back to this moment and relive the memories, no?... :D