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Yes, I know. I'm almost over a WEEK late with this post... I was busy, occay... with life and stuff, but not love *sad*

Anyway, as was last year, this year's V-Day was same ol, same ol... still single... then again, it's not like I go looking for dates and hookups anyway (does this make me who is the one to be blamed??? x_x )
I usually post V-Day ideas to inspire others, but it seems no one cares what I think, so I was thinking, "Ah screw it". Nothing happened. Ha! See, told ya no one cares what I think (Wow... this post just got more depressing)
Instead, I celebrated CNY, which falls on the same day. Still sad, I know...
Luckily, my friends took me out to watch "Valentine's Day", and we sorta, in a way, celebrated V-Day together... y'all are awesome :)
Hence, my choice for this year's V-Day theme song, "Chasing Pavements" by Adele. Yes, the title says it all :P


Fireworks outside my window :)
Ah, CNY. Red packets are given out, fireworks beautify the night sky, and firecrackers causing hearing damage. It's that time of the year again.

Yes, my CNY experience this year was... slightly more than last. (I'm half-Chinese, btw). Did help out around the house, and for the first time, opening my doors (not on the first, but on the third day).

Anyway, this is just a short post just to make my blog look somewhat alive... LOL :P

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Year of the Metal Tiger.

Remember Me


This song has been one of my favourite songs ever since I heard it a year or two ago. The music is so calming, the lyrics are great, and Lifehouse sings it with so much feeling. A must-have in one's playlist, this one.

When Cats get Funnie

Found these delightfully funny cat photos from Check out their site for more LOLcats.