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Lessons Learned

As we live day to day, busy with whatever we have to do, we sometimes hardly see the big picture on what's going on in our lives. The people whose life we've touched, the things we do for ourselves and for others, as well as what others do for us or unto us.

As the sun sets on the day of my final exam paper, I find myself busy on my apartment room floor, cleaning up my room. I'm heading home soon after 4 months of studying for this semester, as well as learning even more life lessons. Ruffling through almost a tree trunk worth of paper, I flipped through the pages of my memory of what I had achieved these past few months.

Being a part of the college students' rep council, I get to know more people and also learn to socialize more. Because of that, people know who I am and they know my name. It's weird for me, since I take myself to be an extrovert. I pride myself for being one as it makes me feel different from others. Besides being recognized by other people, I go…


In life, there is hardly any time to rest. You always find yourself up and running, doing one thing or another. When people ask you out, the excuse is always that you're too busy to hang loose.

Well, life's tough. I'm having my exams next week, and I haven't studied much yet. I can't seem to kick my brain in gear. Is it because I'm too tired? What with Open Day , sleepless nights, and sleep deprivation for the past few months, my body is claiming back those hours of precious beauty sleep. I find myself sleeping waaay too much this week until the mood to study just dissipates.

I also don't feel quite like myself lately, and I do not know why... I shall further explain this a separate post...

Anyway, if you're reading this, and having exams soon, GOOD LUCK!

What is Happy?

There comes a time when you realize that what you are doing does not make you happy. That doesn't mean you are not going to like it eventually.

In my case, I thought that after high school, I can choose my career path on my own, but my parent still dictate my decisions. So, here I am, 5 years later, studying a course I am not sure I will pursue after I get my degree. I have always wanted to make movies, or compose music, but currently I am stuck to learning about structural and buildings.

There is that lovin' feeling I have for my course right now, but I am not sure I want to be building structures for a living, although we all know how lucrative that can be. I prefer to do something, like music, which can help change a person's life.

But for now, I have to just ride the flow and see where it lead me. I'm not saying I am never going against the flow, I am just saying, not now. Eventually, I am going to do what I love. For now, I'm going along with whatever life th…

Last Thing on My Mind

Wake Me Up When September Ends

This Dance


There are times in life when you see things in front of you that you had never noticed before. Then you realize you're not looking at it right, or that it was never meant for you.
There are also times you said something stupid that you wish you could take back and undo in an instant.
Perhaps it's the way you said it, or the way the person who you said it to interprets it. No matter from which angle, you know that it hurts them, yet you never though of it before you said it. This shows you follow your heart too much.
It could even be something you did, without realizing its impact, upon you, upon others. You try to tell yourself you didn't mean anything, but then discover that you have interior motives you never realised you had.
Revelation shines through eventually and you're back on solid ground.
I see myself in all of the above positions more than once. I guess I get too tangled up in my emotions that I neglect other people's feelings. For that, if I have offended you…

What "Titans"?

Clash of the Titans is basically a Greek myth-based story, with Zeus, Medusa, and Hades. What makes it different from, say, Percy Jackson, is the serious tone, showing through the excellent use of CGI and somewhat 3D effect. I cought this in 2D, and felt that it was great, but not sure if it would be better in 3D.

Sam Worthington definitely sealed his place as the leading man in Avatar, but it is through Titans that he truly shows his leading man potential. Not to mention he's hunky and wearing short leather men skirts throught the entire movie. That'll pull the crowd in.

Another outstanding factor of this movie is the level of action and battles are much, much higher than its level of romance and drama. Given the movie title implies a war in epic proportions, but there's still a romantic thing going on between Sam and Gemma. Applause also goes to the CGI effect in this movie. Medusa looks great, the Kraken looks good, and the gods' chamber looks magical. Oh, also, the…

Let's Just Fall In Love Again


Hey everyone!

Yes, I know. It's been FOREVER since I have actually typed in something in my blog. My life has gotten incredibly hectic lately, what with BRC OPEN DAY, Debate Club and my studies, all happening at the same time!

Well, it's 5 am, and I just got back from debate practice for a friendly league on Saturday, and I might as well stay up to go to church for Good Friday mass.


Oh well, I'll tell you about the event another time. Till then,

Smile, and eat your veggies :D

Taking Chances