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Sand, time, and Jake

It's been a while since I watched an Arabian Nights-ish movie, so it was certainly a delight to see the sand, the costumes, and the pretty men and women in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Of course, the title is a big giveaway of what the movie's about. Still, the twist and turns of the movie is fine by me. The movie is like one non-stop swordfight after another. Even before the title comes in, there's already a fight scene (I think...), and more after that. Practically everyone in the movie got involved in at least one.

Storyline, it's kinda predictable how it ends as well as who's the villain. Wasn't that obvious in the beginning, but it eventually shows through.

Following the trend of big budgeted Hollywood movies these days, the FX team makes this movie look good. The effects are great; it felt that it was a real set instead of computer generated, at least some of it.

I have always been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal and have seen almost all of his movies, …

Commitment and Complications

Is there ever a moment in your life you feel you could be committed to something so much that you tend to neglect other things to which you have pledged your commitment upon?
Even after the semester ends, I thought that I would catch a break before going for French class during the intersession. Then, an offer to go for Kenyalang Debate Open came by and some of us who can make it at the last minute to join think that it is a good idea to participate to gain more experience.
With minimal practice, an all-girl team and me, the adju, participated in the inaugural tournament.
I was proud of the girls. Even if they didn't win many rounds, they can still pull it off at the last minute. With me, however, I was disappointed in myself.
See, I pledged my commandment to attending French class, as well as to adjudicating for this tournament. So, I can't be in two places at once. Eventually, debating clashed with class, which I had not expected since I mapped everything out perfectly. I skipp…