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Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 3: And Reality (a.k.a. Depression) Eventually Settles In

I think I'm slowly heading off to another mini-depression period. I feel that everything this week, although it's only Tuesday, seems to go wrong. I'm very tired, sleepy, and worse of all, worried.
I'm worried about myself, and my life.  I'm not particularly good in my studies as of right now. So, what would become of me when I finish my degree?? Would I even be an engineer or go off and to something entirely different? If I were to do something different, then isn't my 4 years here a waste and a huge, undoable mistake?
Sometimes I think that I have chosen the wrong path, made the wrong decisio9ns. I can't say that I don't envy some people for what they have and what they have achieved.
Some people are just born to be cool, while some are simply a people person. Why can't I be like them? Why can't I get social with everyone, and be as sporting as they are? I am, at times. That's the problem. "At times", not all the time. Either that…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 2: And The Semester Begins...

Finally, after 2 months of vacation, the semester resumes. I really wish it didn't.

I was having the best vacation ever, and now, I'm just too (or so...) lazy (or not motivated??) to go for class or even get interested in my new subjects. Still feeling pretty awkward with my new 3rd floor, single room .. not to mention

1. By taking Math 3, I have to change most of my class from Group 2 to Group 1 to avoid clashes
2. French Level 2 can't fit into my schedule
3. I'm taking too much credit hours this semester, which would either save me or break me
4. I am the admin director for my uni's debate club. How the club/society runs for this term depends on me and my council members *chills down spine*

Have I mentioned I am having trouble with my PTPTN loans? Yea, the university has no record of me paying for my fees yet, but I can register the other day which means PTPTN would have already paid for me and should have been recorded ... O.o

Yes, this semester has already drai…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 1: The Vacation Ends ...

After two months of actually doing something for once during semester break a.k.a. summer vacation, it ends. Too soon, I must say. I was beginning to enjoy not having to study.

It was, hands down, one of the best semester breaks ever, not that everything that happened throughout was good. Some even traumatizes me till today.

It all started in May. The first event on my holiday is taking a class during Intersession. I know right, why take a class when it's holiday time? Well, I want to. Might as well take since it's only one subject. Besides, I need to take 3 elective subjects, and French Level 1 is one of them. Jump at the chance, why not. The class is two hours per day, eight hours per day. So much for doing nothing on weekdays. Did I regret taking the class? No. It was fun, and one task has been crossed of my 50 Things to Do Before I Turn 30 list ;)

Second, the Kenyalang Debate Open. Now that certainly was an experience, meeting new people and shrpening my adjudicating skil…

Eclipse is Epic

For a Twilighter, you know I love every Twilight movie Summit produces, but I felt that Eclipse was the best, so far, in almost every aspect.

First, the plot. OK, so, obviously the movie is made for the fans of the novels, so continuity is a factor. Hence, they have to follow the book close to keep it in check. Fortunately, they manage to translate the movie well onto the screen. Pacing was good, though just like the novel, there are too many things going on, and some scenes just seem too short that you don't have to enjoy it. Would like it if the fight scenes were longer. Too much kissing, too. However, what I like about this is that it feels like a movie, and not so much a book-to-screen-adaptation-just-to-satisfy-fans-request.

This time around, the characters are starting to evolve. For vampires, this should not occur, but then again, they're fiction. Some characters have major changes. Jasper, Esme, and Rosalie has new looks Jacob seems to be less big this time but still …


It was a sad day for Team Brazil. They lost to Team Holland , and all Brazil fans felt devastated. I, however, fell depressed.

I know, them winning or losing doesn't change my life. But, for someone who just watched his first World Cup, it's sad to see the four teams you root for (Brazil, England, Argentina, and Portugal) got kicked out of the game, especially Brazil and Portugal. Both teams played well this year, just not as good as the teams who beat them.

I was getting all emo today, so I proudly wore green to show my support. They didn't win, but who says they are not winners in my world, right?!

I guess I'm not the only one whose upset Brazil lost. So, in honour of Team Green-Yellow, here are some photos of them throughout the game. p/s Since I'm a fan of Kaka, expect most photos to feature him ;)

Getty, FIFA