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Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 8: And When You Think There's a Silver Lining, It Disappoints You

OK, so 2 weeks of holiday is almost over, and I have no idea what have I done. Zero work, zero revision, and epic eating occured, which is getting me all worried about my studies. I dunno, I just can't push myself. It's like I lost all motivation to move on with life.

Luck isn't on my side very much. I'm broke, and I'm worried about my spending. I can't go out at nights anymore due to low funding. I haven't have enough money to make my club's T-shirt; the money paid is kept somewhere else, it's there but the minimum order is not reached so I have to cover for it first. URRRGGHHH!!!! No wonder people become insane at an early age these days.

I have this thought of selling off my Twilight merch, but some are gifts from people and I find it hard to give away. I have no clothing to sell off, I don't even have enough to fill my wardrobe completely.

So, yes, I'm worried about my life. It's like, where the hell am I going???? Sheesh, you would…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 7: And I Had a Very, Very Bad Day

The day, 2nd Sept 2010, shall go down in history as one of my worst day. OK, so many not worst, just very, very bad day.

Let's start from the night before.

I worked on my assignment for Theory of Structures from 12.00 a.m.. What I did earlier than that? A birthday surprise. But that is a different story, and shall not be elaborated :)

So anyway, the next day (2nd), I'm having a midterm test for the same subject, so why not study while finishing work, right?


Sure, I studied examples to help me with the assignment, and I memorized the assignment answer. What came out in the exam is a different type of question, one that a) wasn't expected b) we haven't done in class. The lecturer said all questions we had discussed in class before. Oh, really??? O_O

So, yea, I was doing it like the assignment question, and my lecturer passed by, pointed down to my paper, made an air circle over my answer and mouthed the word "all wrong, not the right method". Great. The…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 6: Then Comes More Reason for Me to Not Like What I Am Doing Now

OK, so I guess y'all already know how much I dislike studying Civil Engineering. Why? Cos I don't like it as much as I thought I would.

But seriously, is it THAT difficult?

If you don't like it even a bit, yes.

Not to say that I don't like it entirely. Sure, some parts I like (Eng. Geology, Eng. Hydrology), but most of the parts I detest a lot. A LOT.

People say one should pursue their dreams, only then will they find happiness and success. Well, whoever said that sure didn't make a bunch of people i.e. their parents happy. To be frank, I'm taking this because my dad wants me to, and that the future prospect seem good (only if you're good in it, that is...).

Last night, I told my dad about Industiral Training, and where I wanna do it. He suggested Cinmuk (cos the company is building some new houses on my grandfather's land) so that I can see the houses being build. What did I do? Detest. My mom proposed JKR. Again? Detest. To make them happy ( doubt if…