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When I Just Want to Get Away

I am so stressed.

I have been doing things to make people happy, but not myself. People always say 'do things that make you happy'. Well, I don't know what makes me happy,. Sure, everything makes me feel content about my life, but that's it. I get so tired to please other people, yet I can't help but do it; in hopes that when I need them to do something for me, they would. But sometimes, it';s a little too much.

I said I don't what to, and they give me this looks as if saying 'are you freaking kidding me by saying No??!!'. So, I have to say Yes.

It's hard to get myself out of my current predicament. I mean, there's so many things in my mind, I thought that once the semester is over, I want to get some rest, do what I want. Learn the guitar, learn to paint,. Get a holiday job. Even though I'm working, at least I earn money, which I have little of my own. I try not to depend on my parents so much (is that a natural guy quality or somethin…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Vol. 1- Pt 14: The End's Here, So Let's Get Lost

Finally, the semester ended. That felt like forever!! Why? It was the worst semester I had so far.

First, I didn't get any loan money, so gotta get thrifty. I buy stuff on weekends and consume them on weekdays. Plus side, I lost weight. Yay!

Then, there's the responsibility.  Studies, debates, being a friend. My studies are on the rocks now for I don't think I can do any better than I did during my first semester, first year. As for debates, after 2 years, I wanna do something new, but the responsibility is tying me down. Not that I don't enjoy debating, but I feel that it's no longer fun but a burden. A burden to be good. I'm no natural speaker, so I gotta work for it. Guess what, I'm done working for it. But more in the next post.

Finally, there's me. I don't know who I am anymore. People always say 'be yourself', though it's harder than it looks. Sure, I admit: most of the time, I put on a mask. I look happy and contented, but I'…

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Vol 1 Pt 13: And The Finale is Just Around the Corner

It's Wednesday. My finals will start on Friday.

I am not ready. Clearly I am not, since I'm blogging.


Anyway, I'm actually kinda worried about my finals and carry marks and whatnot. I prefer not taking a look at it for I fear that if it's below the passing mark, I would have lost all hopes for a certain subject. Although for some subject, I have very low expectations of passing it. But then again, who knows, miracles can happen.

So far, I've simplified my Foundation Engineering notes, and 2/3 through my Math 3 notes. I still have 4 more subs to concentrate on, and I don't even think I'm prepared for the first two papers!

I guess I should stop whining (that's what I seem to be doing here a lot, eh...) and try my best.

Oh, and music from Glee is on heavy rotation on my laptop right now.

Here's to my exams, and may I kill it!! oh, and also to whoever out there who are having their exams now or in the coming months.

Year Three, Civil Engineering, Pt 12: But It's Not The End, Not Just Yet

Finally, it's Study Week. A week where, supposedly, you should start revising everything you have learned for the past 5-6 months and get ready for Finals.

But not me. Not us. Not me. I still have 1 individual assignment, 1 group assignment, and 1 group project. Best thing is, everything needs to be submitted this Friday. That's ... about 3 days from today *starts peeling skin off face*.

It's like I always say, it's the time where in a week, you try to get yourself together after a tiring semester, finish up all assignments, and then, you start studying.

That is, if I even feel like studying.

I need motivation, and nothing seems to motivate me.

I need to watch FRIENDS :D

Happy Study Week, y'all!