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Auld Lang Syne

The last post of 2010.

For starters, this year ain't exactly the best in my life, but I loved it. I got to experience so, so, SO many new things this year.

I fulfilled one thing on my 25 Things To Do Before I'm 30 list, and that Learning a Foreign Language. I took French Level 1 this year, and got an A-. I skipped Level 2 last semester, but did my own studying, thanks to Google Translate :P

In life, I turned 21. The age of maturity. Hah! I've never felt more like a kid wanting to go crazxy all the time. I've also developed this habit of wanting to go out and have fun, a lot. But with the current economic situation I am in, I have to limit that.

I have done some things that I only told certain people about, and I guess it should just stay with those certain people. Let's just say it's something my mom said not to do until I'm 25 (if you know me well, you know what I mean :P)

I developed a secret crush on someone that only one person in the world knows (a di…

Oh, It's Still Christmas

Well, another Christmas is here, and it went as fast as it arrived.

It is just as eventful this year as it was last. That is, not much.

So, as usual, there's a Christmas family gathering last night. Usually, we sing Christmas carols to end the night. Last night, that didn't happen. I guess not everyone was in the mood to sing. Well, except for me.

So, we got home around midnight, and since it's officially Christmas, I opened my presents. I got a Twilight bag (not the NECA original, but who cares? It's awesome!) and a cardigan from my sister, and a Harry Potter T-shirt and Diesel jeans from my mom. In addition, I got myself a present waaaaay earlier, an iPod Shuffle.

Sure, it ain't no big deal. I mean, other people get presents which are more awesome anyway.

We don't usually do open house for Christmas, so we balik kampung for the occasion. Haven't been visiting my grandma for a while, as well as both my grandfathers' graves. After spending an hour or t…

Oh, It's Christmas

I designed this myself (with help from an online tutorial, of course)

Down in Royal Creek II

Well, it's Day 4, and all is ... tiring.

Waking up early is one thing, but trying to stay awake is another.

To update, the junior team got into quarter finals on Day 3, but didn't get into semis. It's OK, we're still proud of them. The university team hasn't broke that far for quite some time.

At night, we went out to BP Mall, the nearest mall to our place. It was quite OK. Wanted to catch a movie, but was afraid we would miss the bus back.

So we managed to take the bus back, but what a decision that was. The driver was driving steady (but fast) to begin with, but then, at one point, he swayed left, then right ... for no clear reason and he was driving real fast! Woo! At least I've experienced a bus ride in Johor ;)

Not to mention a sudden but short-lived addiction to UNO cards :D

But seriously. For the most part of it, there were food. Lots of food. Breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, dinner, supper. Yes, I can officially say this is the most food-filled tournament I…

Just Because

Just feel like typing something.
Not on my laptop now anyway, on a friend's.
Had a tiring 5 days here in Johor. Maybe I'll post up something that has real substance soon.
Later, or tomorrow.

Down in Royal Creek I

I think I'm getting to old for this. Really.

So here I am, at the Royals in Johor. That's the third time I've been here. You would think that I would be

a) used to it already
b) learn my mistakes and thrive to improve it
c) all of the above


a) I still need a kickstart, which I can't seem to find this year
b) the mistakes I do goes on rotation. If it's not this, it's that
c) all of the above

Thus, me being old makes me the weak link in the team. It's like, my other team members are good speakers and can impress the judges well. Me, I'm just the middle one. I contribute to the debate, but not a level where I should be. I mean, after 3 years, you would think I would have evolved, but no. Not so much.

I admit, I wasn't that much into debating. Was never one in high school, so I didn't get a head start. when I entered university, it was just something I thought could be interesting. What happened is that I got interested, excited, and event…

And Whaddaya Know; I Did It Again!

OK, so again, this post took forever to get typed. I keep on putting it off. Yes, I have something I call Constant Procrastination Disorder (CPD). It's when you procrastinate till no end.

Anyway, because of this (I think), my results didn't come out so well. I kinda expected Foundation to be bad, bout not THAT bad. I got an F *headdesk*. I failed Math 3 too. Interesting enough, both papers were on the same day. So yeah, I guess it was a bad, unlucky day for me.

My GPA dropped from 2.46 to 1.77 (woo!!). That means no loan money for me, again. That's two semester in a row. Looks like a life of frugality again.

But I guess I wasn't too fazed by this. I got 1.96 two semesters ago.

My friends freaked out because they either did't get the mark they expected ( hence, saying that the lecturer is mean. Heard news about the lecturer too, and my friend was right) or got lower than they expected (it happens). I told them mine, and said "at least you guys got above 3.0!&q…

2 Days of Debate in IIUM

So I kinda reserved this post for my blogoversary, but that passed and I didn't feel like typing. Now that the mood is here, I shall start.

(p/s this post might differ from previous post pattern)

Last week (1-2 Dec), I attended this debate training at IIUM. I could say that this is one of the highlights of my holiday break this year (last year was Royals in KL which was EPIC FUN!).

TBH, it didn't start off well. My luck was basically not there. I was sleepy throughout the first day, which was caused by taking an early flight at 6:15 am. Wanted to sleep on board but decided against it. Preferred to enjoy it since I only get to do this once a year (ah, I miss my Labuan matric days where the plane is like a hop-on-hop-off bus to me).

So, after 1hr45min flight from Kuching to KL, we landed. Then we met the guy from IIUM who's our in-charge. Name was Rezoan. Real cool dude, doing Accounting but loves Software Engineering or something like that.

Jet-lagged and all, we dragged o…