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What's Wrong?




still waiting for the snowfall


Lost, Leave, Love, Let Go

I think I'm pretty skilled at something: pushing people away.

Butterflies Are Free

"There's a legend that says if you tell your wish to a butterfly, it will carry it up to the great spirits and grant it for you" -- Jonas Foutley.

The 'Next Semester' Playlist

Neko Case - Tomorrow Will Be Kinder Paramore - In The Mourning Switchfoot - Sing It Out Coldplay - Lost! Sum 41 - Slipping Away Story of the Year - Sidewalks Travis - Pipe Dreams Melanie C & Lisa Lopes - Never Be The Same Again Young the Giant - Cough Syrup Aiden Grimshaw - Curtain Call

The '23' Playlist

Lady Gaga - Hair Melanie C - Reason Haley Reinhart - Undone John Mayer - Shadow Days M83 - Wait
Florence + The Machine - Breath of Life Coldplay - The Hardest Part Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love Lights - Second Go
Blue & Elton John - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word Marcus Foster - I Don't Mind Amy Winehouse - Best Friends, Right?
Paolo Nutini - Last Request Jorge Drexler - Al Otro Lado del Rio

23 Today

That is all.
Happy birthday, me.

Lights of Hope

A song full of hope, dreams, love, lost, and soul.

Lost and Never Found

I have many dreams; wishes.

A writer. A musician. A filmmaker. A songwriter. A stage actor. A playwright. A screenwriter. An artist. A crafter. A cook. A TV host. A techie. A graphic designer. A Greenpeace member. A bookkeeper. An interior designer. A star. A volleyball player (yay Olympics!).

That was 'once upon a time'.

Now, I am taking a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, but it doesn't mean I will end up a building maker constructor (?).

I have no motivation.

I also believe that I am lazier than the average human being.