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In Daylights or Footsteps

How does one measure success? In daylight, in footsteps, or in hours? Perhaps you gotta climb a mountain first.

A friend was asking me advice the other day about relationships (guys are really that complicated to understand...). I said that she focus on work instead; love would come after. She just got a new job. Then, she start to talk about being successful. On how our other friends are already on the verge of being successful. I said that everyone has their own measure of success; it's not a standard thing, like you have to comply to certain rules to be considered successful in life.
Yesterday, I was at my Gran's house, and my mum and aunt was talking about  a cousin of mine (he recently graduated, diploma in culinary arts). My Gran was saying how he got a job as an apprentice at this restaurant. The three of them went on and on about jobs and stuff, and somewhere in between, someone mention something about 'it's all about the money at the end of the day'
So, h…

What Is

I realised I haven't thought about death in a while.
Sadness, yes, but death, no.
Honestly, I haven't though about it much. Maybe because I drain my sorrows with new music. Also, books. I just thought that maybe I just do what I want to do before there's no time left.
I'm one of those people who would rather live in a 'what if' situation rather than a 'what is'. I'm not sure if the latter is a real situation, but I named it as such to contrast 'what if'. I guess that make sense.
Anyway, it's like, you'd rather keep something in you rather than tell it to someone, for fear that you may a) ruin a friendship, b) make other people feel bad, and/or c) all of the above. People say 'take chances' or 'take risks', but they never finish that by 'just don't regret that decision, ever'. True, some people take risks and chances and end up never regretting it. But what if you do regret it, and there's no way to tu…

The 'Non-Graduating' Playlist

Neko Case - Tomorrow Will Be Kinder Zee Avi - Swell Window Paramore - In The Mourning Coldplay - Lost Story of the Year - Sidewalks Travis - Pipe Dreams Esmee Denters - Outta Here Peter Conway - Satellite 3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

Odd Infinite Dreams

Hi. Yea, I haven't blogged in a while, mainly because there's nothing to blog about.
It's the same ol' routine life. I'm getting lazier as summer turns to fall, and a thick haze blankets over the city. Add that to the intense heat, and you've got yourself an eternal dusty summer. It's been raining lately, but only in the evenings. So hopefully, cooler days are coming.
So basically nothing interesting happens (or happened) lately. I've been having odd dreams again. Last night, it was about rain. I don't know how that makes everything better, but the dream interp site says it's a cleansing or something. Of what, guilt?
I finished reading Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I can say that I somehow knows how Charlie feels about high school. On how he was afraid of something new, of being lonely after Michael died. I feel lonely, too, most of the times. Luckily, Charlie has Patrick and Sam, although they left for college during his sophomore year. The…

Live Forever