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First Read: 'The Almond Tree'

So, on Saturday  I got a surprise in the mail. A few weeks ago, I got an email from Goodreads that I won a giveaway. Yay, free book!. Truthfully, I joined for fun. I didn't even read the synopsis of the book. I just saw that Malaysia was eligible for the giveaway and tried my luck. 
The book I got was 'The Almond Tree' by Michelle Cohen Corasanti. It tells the story of one Ichmad Hamid, a bright Arab Israeli kid living in 1940s Palestine. He lived through much brutality and under harsh living conditions, but his spirit of living got him through it all.

Les Miserables. Yes.

I've haven't reviewed a movie in awhile, mainly because no one cares (Ahahahaha.) So, yeah.
Anyway, this isn't a review post, because in reviews post, you gotta be serious and stuff. No, this is an opinion post on the uh-may-zing musical film Les Misérables. UH-MAY-ZING!
I saw the 25th anniversary concert on Youtube, but reached halfway cos I don't want to ruin the ending. I was halfway done reading the book before that. (abridged, of course. It's hard to find an unabridged version here in this supposedly big Bornean city). I remembered crying in a few bits of the book, but some bit were a bit distorted due to having seen the teaser trailer for the film before reading the book. Watching the concert did ruin the movie for me a bit, since the songs are going to be the same.  No matter, i thought. The book has no musical sequence anyway.
After finishing the book, I didn't want to go back to the concert videos. It can and will ruin the cinematic experience. Also, …


I haven't had coffee since Boxing Day. That's close to two weeks.Which explains my mood swings. I think.

I'll be having my exams tomorrow. Yay. Big way to start the new year, eh.

But seriously. With only 3 subjects to study for, you'd think I'll be more optimistic that I'm finally gonna end this (nightmare-inducing, suicidal-thought-generating) phase of my (practically non-existent) life. But no, I'm still lazy, apparently.