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Standing in Concrete

The second month of the year is almost over. My emotional instability has been more frequent. I blame both my hormones and the moon's phases.
Anyway, it seems that the semester has been going well so far. People around me are getting great news, including eventual graduation, impending job interviews, and all that jazz. Sure, I'm happy for them. Not so much for myself.

I Need

My last post was an unnecessary, trying-to-be-witty post about my new phone. It's going great so far.
The past few weeks have been quite the emotional journey. True, the horoscope I read the other day said 'snakes' turning 24 will experience unstable emotions. I've experienced mine, and it's going to stay for a while, it feels like.
Apparently, I can't seem to end a semester without failing a paper. Even at the last minute, this past sem being my second last, I failed another paper. this means that if next semester, my final, does not offer the paper, I would have to extend one more semester just for that one single paper. My lecturer didn't allow me a retest for the finals, which means I have to get a recheck. I've got nothing to lose, just something to gain.

New Phone, Yay!

So, I got a new phone. Naturally, an acceptance speech has been prepared.