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Staying Afloat

out of all people  i envy most those who have their lives planned out. like, they know what to do after they finish studying, or their dream job, or know where they want their lives to head to in the future.
me? i honestly have no idea.


So I finally finished that RM250 book voucher that all we tertiary students get. I thought of posting a photo of my stack online, but then I thought, maybe not. I may be perceived at being mainstream, only reading popular books, a hipster, and notreadingqualitybooksbecausetheprintisbigandnotreallyreallytiny.

See how much I care about what people say about me, even if I say I don't?
Well, anyway, the book shopping has slowed down my negative thinking, which I think is kind of a good thing. But then again, I now have a stack of unread books and probably would not go book shopping for a while.
Oh bother.
Anyway, I got 8 books, give or take, using the vouchers. Yay!

Of course, each book comes with its own customised bookmark :D