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That Place Where a Little Push Sends You Off the Deep End

So apparently the official finals results are not out yet. Therefore, I'm not sure if I'm graduating. Ever.
This could go both ways:


Thank you, Cory, for all the memories and also for Finn Hudson. Glee will never be the same without you.

Want and Need II

What I need is time, time to make right decisions What I want is also time, time to live life and have another drink
What I need to do is make right decisions What I want is for someone to do it for me, because I never think I make right decisions
What I need is life, because whatever it is I'm doing now, is not worth my time What I want is also life, a life where everything goes the way I would want it to
What I want are friends, but I'm not sure if they need me What I need is a friend, because I'm lonely enough as it is
What I want is to graduate, completing at least some thing in my life so far What I need is to pass all subjects, which is clearly impossible
What I want is something or someone to make me happy What I need to do is replace that empty bottle of vodka in my fridge
What I should do is to decide if life is easier than death, or is it the other way around