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Well, That Wasn't Any Help, Now Was It?

Career fairs make me feel stupid. Or rather, un-smart.

There was a career fair in town, and I thought of checking it out. My contract with the bookstore eneds on the 28th, anyway, and I have got to find a job to make sure my bank account has somethijg in it.

The companies that I did approach were not related to my degree. The companies that are related to my engineering degree requires a CGPA of 3.0 and above. I'm below that number.

I expected more from that career/post-graduate fair. It was OK, I guess. I was hoping for more. Maybe a scholarship offer. Instead, it's more about careers, and most want that minimum CGPA.

Clearly, I'm screwed. At least, I gave my resume for a fresh graduate program by a local bank. They said they have an engineering department, so I guess I'm hopeful-ish. Besides that, a non-profit teaching program. Still reconsidering.

I didn't tell mom I was disappointed. Instead, I cleaned my room and tried to fix that table I got from work. Also, …