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They Seem To Get It

I've always been impressed by other people. I'm most impressed by people I know, those around me.
I’m impressed with my mom because she is a tough woman who can probably live her life without a man by her side. She got married anyway. I’m impressed with my dad because he has lived so many lives. He was in the police force during the confrontation of the Japanese in Borneo. He also encountered the British forces as well, and now he's on his way to writing his own autobiography (self-published, limited to one copy only, will probably have 12 volumes).  I'm impressed that my sister wouldn’t admit that she married the wrong guy, who isn’t making her life easy as she obviously wished for (if she doesn't think that was a mistake, who am I to make her think that it is? Maybe she did marry the right guy, however wrong we think he is for her).