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I'm not that excited about leaving my comfort zone, but I guess I have to. I have to, because, without experience, I won't get a job, and I would be forever stuck in this rut I call my life.

Between a Comfort Zone and a Messed Up Mind

Lately, I've been in an unconscious state of mind. Like I'm doing routine work every day, but i;m not actually working. I;m simply living with no actual direction.
My mind seems to be a convoluted mess. There's no up, no down, just there. Sometimes I plan for the day, and find out I have nothing to plan for. A future, that's probably bleak. Not something one would expect, but for me, it's probably inevitable.
There's a possibility of me leaving the city for another soon. It's not entirely a confirmed news, but it might as well be. It's for a job, one I didn't expect to interview for let alone consider it to be a future career path.Alas, I did, and to be honest, I'm half-hearted about it.
I'm basically leaving the life I know here, bu not permanently, at least, not for now. I'll be saying see you later to friends, and bidding farewell to a city i know fairly well ( but not entirely). I'm starting something new all over again, and it …