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troubled #4/ life #1

Some people don't realise certain things. For example:
a) do other people want their advice b) do they understand others enough to advise c) do they have to give advice, and if that is supposed to make them a better person
This post is rather scattered in terms of thoughts, so if you want to give up, give up now.

troubled 3

i'm thisclose to breaking down
why am i so stressed here
it's like nothing is going right for now
it's crazy
i'm insane

i was a lot happier back home
no job
little money
but i was happy with my days
discovering new things to do
every day

but now it's falling into a routine
i hate this

i hate being here
i hate that things are all going badly
all wrong
why is nothing right

can i just
please please please
let me get what i want
this time

i just want things to go right
as it was before
now i'm not sure what to think anymore
i need to get away