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The Year That Was Slightly Significant But Yet Nothing Truly Changes

So, another end-of-year, another looking-back-at-the-past post. #throwback
Had a few upsides this year, and a few downsides. But mostly, this year has been one of more positive ones in my 20s.
Upside #1: I got a (part-time, contract-based) job! Yay! That's something to celebrate. I have (some) money to buy stuff now, and I (attempted to) break out of my introverted comfort zone. I guess it worked; I'm nicer to people now. Also, I rarely ask my parent for money now, and I take pride in that.
Upside #2: I moved to another city and lived alone. There truly is bliss living alone, but also downsides. In all honesty, though, I find living alone brings more bliss that sadness. I get to do what I want, be what I want, wear nothing when I want, and basically bask in my self-imposed alone time.