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life #10/ work #3

This job is boring.

All I do is attend meetings, hold meetings, and site visits. Sometimes I sign documents.

Sure, maybe it's because it's in district level so things move little slower than in headquarters. Either way, I'm truly bored in this job. It's not fulfilling, although the money is good, which means I get to buy things or travel without anyone's permission.


But truly, I wish for more than just this.
This contentment.

I know, it's comfortable being in this position, and being in the civil service under the Gov. Your job is permanent, cashflow is stable, and the occasional bonus happens once in a while when there's a festive occasion. So yes, I can't complain much.

But above all that, the job feels stale. Everything is routine. A lot of paperwork.

I can't say if it's because that I'm an introvert that I find this job boring.
No. I get an office all to myself, and major alone time. Should be cushy for an introvert, no?

Then again…