work #6: to quit or not to quit

There was a post meant to be about how last year went, and it was supposed to talk about how I felt about everything last year. In truth, I found last year to be somewhat good. I went places, learned a lot, and honestly learned to be better.

Somehow, the beginning of this year made me want to go back to last year.

It's only been a month, but I'm tired. Tired of it all.
Maybe it's all this pent-up frustration of the entire system , and somehow it has reached some peak of emotions.

Once again, I'm a mess. this time, I don't know if I would be able to overcome it.

Previously, I tried so hard to get over it, and I did.
I lied to myself that everything will be OK, that things will work out eventually, that I am content and satisfied with where my life is heading right now.

But now? Today?
Not so much.

I know other people have worst struggles that I have right now.
I feel for them.
Some people would consider me lucky to have a job which they covet, but didn't get.

high-functioning depression

this. sounds like me.
therefore, it's here.
i feel it's important i'm reminded about this.

life #16

so this year, starting the year with no resolutions whatsoever, I find myself wanting to do two things, or at least, to start with: 1. stick with the job for a year, and 2. live.
and so, it's november. and it's almost one year in the civil service. i started out being all jaded about it, but now, i truly don't care anymore. it's not that i don't care about the job; i still do, because i need it more than it needs me. but what i don't care so much anymore is how people see me in my job position. i'm starting to be rebellious and not give a f*. basically, i'm no longer sorry.

work #5/life #15

i thought i forgot to post something for my birthday.
turns out i did post something.
but i skipped september, because i was lost again.

i usually drown my sorrows in books and writing, but my writing blog has sat there unattended for 4 years without any form of actual leading-to-a-full-novel writing. It's just reblogs on writing notes and advice. i don't feel like i have anything good enough to write about.

life #14: birthday no. 28

I don't really care for birthdays anymore.
Not mine, at least. I still care for other people's birthdays.

life #12/sad #1

I'm in a constant state of sadness. Some people call that depression. But I guess you couldn't tell. Unless you've read this blog. Or know me. Then again, people who know me won't think I am.
Either way.

#books: th1rteen r3asons why

so i finally got done with thirteen reasons why, and it's the first book i've actually finished this year.

i can see why it's controversial, but i find that it's in no way glorifying suicide.